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The Global Position System (GPS) was first created for military purposes for providing direction or navigation. Over time, it is now not only made for military needs. Now, car drivers also used GPS Tracker.

The primary purpose of GPS Tracker is to secure your vehicle from the theft. GPS tracker can monitor your vehicle if, indeed, your car is being leased by someone. Another function of GPS Tracker is recording what is being said by the person in the vehicle.

If you are currently looking for a GPS Tracker installation service, you can use GPS Tracking offered by DTC. DTC provides a variety installation of GPS Tracking, ranging from container tracking, car tracking, and bus tracking.

GPS Tracker Real Time Model SWR

GPS Tracker Real Time Model SWR is the best-selling GPS tracker. With a 32-bit processor, the DTC SWR model is in high demand now. This SWR GPS Model is capable of displaying car usage information accurately. Equipped with a built-in G-sensor, the DTC Model SWR is capable of detecting vibrations in the Tracking box. DTC Model SWR  is suitable for all types of vehicles, such as trucks, trailer trucks, buses, and cars.

GPS Tracker Real Time Model SWE

If you are currently looking for a GPS tracker for cars, which can measure the amount of fuel in Real-Time by showing the value in the graph, you can try GPS Tracker Real-Time Model SWE from DTC. This GPS can measure the amount of fuel in Real-Time. This product is also supported with a Backup battery so that Tracking can be used for 24 hours straight.

That’s the review of GPS offered by DTC, the best tracker for vehicles, such as trucks or buses.


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