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  • Examples of WordPress Review Sites

    One of the most popular uses for WordPress sites is that they provide a really cool way for us to share our thoughts with the world. Whether you’re just running a personal blog and want to talk about one of your favorite new products which you’ve taken the plunge and bought or whether you write […]

  • The Most Detailed WordPress Tutorial?

    Just a quick post today to share this video. It is truly one of the most detailed setup videos for WordPress I’ve ever seen and it is truly great for beginners who need to know everything from hosting to customizing their WP site. As always, we try to collate all the best WordPress related content.

  • How to Choose Web Hosting for Your WordPress Website

    Web hosting is a foreign term to most of us and if you’re starting your first ever wordpress site then this can be a really tough area to find your way around. In the world of website design and blogging then there is a lot of jargon to work your way around and terminology you […]

  • Why WordPress is the Most Popular Platform to Build a Website

    Gone are the days where you’re reliant on a web designer who can build something from scratch, there are companies out there who can provide a framework for a website, and while the world of sites like Wix and other free drag and drop or WYSIWYG website builders are becoming more and more popular, many […]