Why WordPress is the Most Popular Platform to Build a Website

Gone are the days where you're reliant on a web..

Why WordPress is the Most Popular Platform to Build a Website

Gone are the days where you’re reliant on a web designer who can build something from scratch, there are companies out there who can provide a framework for a website, and while the world of sites like Wix and other free drag and drop or WYSIWYG website builders are becoming more and more popular, many people (in fact a majority) are turning to wordpress as their platform.

Not as simple as drag and drop, but wordpress, which was originally designed to provide a platform for blogging, has a framework which gives you a control panel including a dashboard and areas where you can make posts, pages, tags, categories…everything you need for a thriving website. Whilst some people think it is just a platform for blogging, WordPress is so versatile that it can be used for a huge amount of things. There is even a software company out there that have developed a plugin which turns your wordpress site into a forum!

WordPress has so many plugins and different themes which provide all the flexibility in the world for your website. Another new way people are using their software is to make shops and eCommerce websites! Plugins are relatively easy to install and for many of them, you don’t even have to leave the dashboard to do so.

You can also choose from many different themes, which change the way things look, which are effectively a skin for the site and give it a different color scheme and design including fonts and layout, some of these also have options to customize. The great thing about this is that it means you can redesign your site without having to take all the content down and put it back up in a new site, the engine which drives it will remain the same.

WordPress is an amazing piece of kit and is highly recommended, this site aims to provide even more info on how you can get the most out of WP!

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