Examples of WordPress Review Sites

One of the most popular uses for Wordpress sites is..

Examples of WordPress Review Sites

wordpress-589121_640One of the most popular uses for WordPress sites is that they provide a really cool way for us to share our thoughts with the world. Whether you’re just running a personal blog and want to talk about one of your favorite new products which you’ve taken the plunge and bought or whether you write reviews for a living, either personally or run a website which talks about the best models of a certain product.

The category setting is a wonderful way to sort your posts out and, well…categorize! lets say you run a kitchen based site, you can use the categories for different types of post such as appliances, recipes and more. Check out this from vacuum sealer geek, who have used categories on their site which features vacuum sealer reviews, http://vacuumsealergeek.com/category/reviews/ is where they keep all of their reviews – Tagging is also another way to work in the different ways to keep sites linked and related, for instance a certain brand of appliance could be a tag which you apply to each post, people can then look on your site for /tag/philips as an example.

The plugins also allow you to make your site your own and add a lot of individuality, you can add plugins to put a star rating which is really relevant to this type of website but you can also do things like add plugins to find relevant images, let people leave their own input and more, the list of wordpress plugins is into the thousands, there are so many out there which you can use to change your site to your own specific style, as well as this, the themes mean that you can alter the design to something which lends itself to reviews with clear space for text and even things like best of links.

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