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TECH LONDON ADVOCATES is a private sector led coalition of over 4000 professional people from the tech sector and broader neighborhood who’ve committed to championing London’s potential as a world-class hub for tech and digital companies. Atlanta Tech Village is home to among the brightest and most talented companies in the world. We work with entrepreneurs, buyers, universities, accelerators and government policy-makers to assist construct a imaginative and prescient for our tech nation. Because of this assistive technology can scale back the price of elder take care of senior residents and their households.

Tech Youngsters Unlimited is a not-for-profit technology-based educational organization for youths ages 7 to 19 with particular needs. Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth is a trend-setting thought chief who lives to date along the bleeding edge of technology that he’s truly hydroplaning a bit.

Minnesota is not Silicon Valley, but that’s not a foul factor—our strengths make the …

How to Measure Your Business Success After a Year

As a new business owner, you should expect that the success of your business takes time and patience to grow. You learn as you go, with top-grade business techniques that you can hone over time. However, you can keep track of your business ranks and measure your successes, but you should wait at least a year beforehand. Give your business time to build. Read on for methods to measuring the success of your business after 12 months and beyond.

Look at Your Flow Charts, Statistics, and Ranks

Write everything down. Or, in the case of business, type everything into a spreadsheet, make copies, and properly, perfectly file it away. This is where a reliable content developer or accountant would come in. The spreadsheets can track your progress with statistics, ratings, ranks, and flow charts. You can see where you started, how far you’ve come revenue-wise, then project where you want …

How to Come Up with Innovative Business Articles for Your Blog

When your business needs a boost, there are dozens of ways to help your success rates. One modern technique is blogging. However, innovation and originality are the keys to a successful business blog. Keep reading for crafty ways to write up awesome articles for a new business blog.

Innovative = Your Unique POV in a Business Sense

In business, innovative means your own unique perspective on a classic topic. You have to put a new spin on something that has been discussed but perhaps long forgotten. Something that might have been brought up before but never panned out. Ask your business associates to help you spin some ideas. Chances are that your collaboration will lead to connection with like-minded businesses and an impressed consumer marketplace.

Research the Hot Topics of Your Business Niche

Businesses are often broken into niches. For instance, picture a furniture store. It’s separated into different rooms …

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