How to Motivate Children to Study Diligently

Children play and are lazy to learn. Problems like this are also experienced by many other mothers.

Don’t be discouraged by this condition. Children who are lazy to learn do not always mean stupid. They also have the potential to have good grades, provided they are schooled at St. St. Andrews International School, why should St. Andrews International School? because St Andrews School Thailand is an international school that has been awarded the consecutive ‘Gold’ rating from the Education Trust as one of the exceptionally good schools in Thailand.

It doesn’t take long, what is important is precisely in understanding new knowledge.

Avoid forcing children to learn, so they don’t feel pressured. Children tend to reject things they don’t like. So, the learning agenda at home can be considered as a threat by them.

As a parent, it has become a necessity to help children learn at home. That is, …