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Office supplies are hot commodities in a busy business. Employees often flit from one desk to another, borrowing staplers and passing around paperclips for memos, send-outs, and folders. The best thing you can do is stockpile a hefty quantity of office supplies in your personal business cabinet. And here’s a few reasons why.

The Age-Old Adage—Be Prepared for the Worst, But Plan for the Best

In office settings, supply shortages are THE worst because you NEED these supplies to do your dailies. Essentially, when you stockpile the office stuff that you commonly use, you are preparing for those shortages. It’s kind of the office and business equivalents of preparing for a prospective famine.

You Will Have Anything You Need at Your Disposal

You are giving yourself a huge advantage when you stockpile a plethora of office supplies. The action is forward-thinking and intelligent, giving you an edge over your coworkers because you can quickly, efficiently finish your work without breaking stride to hunt down that elusive stapler. A stockpile of your own office supplies is everything you need for work, right there, at your disposal, anytime. You could even print out custom labels online to better organize your supplies.

No Work Interruptions

Think about how many minutes you’ve wasted in the past because you ran out of ink in your only pen. Or, you misplaced your pack of printer paper. When you’re on the clock and getting paid, these minutes add up, and they can, eventually, have big effects on your workload. Want to finish on time, or even earlier than anticipated? Stockpile some of your essential office supplies so you don’t have to interrupt your work to look for extras.

Buy Office Supplies at Their Cheapest, Then Dole Them Out as Coworkers Need Them

It’s common for big chain stores to host ginormous sales, especially year-end deals, where you can buy office supplies, for cheap, in bulk. And what should you do when you have an overabundance of the things you need for your job? Help out others, of course. Surely, you have some friends in your office. So, dole out a few extras to your coworkers to help them prepare for the long work days ahead. Your office needs a good Samaritan—embrace the role.

When you begin working in an office, you wouldn’t think office supplies would be as big a deal as they are. However, after your first few run-outs, you quickly discover how important it is to have your own stash of business essentials.



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