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Some days you can feel like Superman at your job, accomplishing task after task while the hours seem to fly by. Other days it’s a struggle to make it to lunch. For those stuck behind a desk all day or who constantly find themselves fighting off exhaustion at their jobs, read the below list of workplace essentials that will help you conquer any workday.

  • Oftentimes it’s difficult to produce enough energy for the day when our bodies have nowhere to draw that energy from. Having a few snacks handy may just give you the power boost you need to finish your tasks, especially if you had to skip lunch. Remember that sugary snacks will eventually lead to a harder crash later, but snacks high in protein (like nuts, yogurt, and cheese) or vitamins (like fruit) will better assist your efficiency and productivity.
  • Self-heating coffee mug. Some of us just can’t function without a good cup of coffee in the morning, but nothing is worse than making the perfect cup and getting too busy to drink it right away. Coming back to a cold cup of coffee can throw off anyone’s groove. Investing in a quality mug that keeps your beverage warm for hours may make those long days just a bit shorter. Self-heating coffee cups are even better, as they auto-adjust the temperature to not too hot, and not too cold, but just right with every sip. Look at this site for the best temperature-controlled mug on the market.
  • Fan/space heater. Give me an office just a little bit too warm and watch how quickly I can fall asleep. Give me an office just a little bit too cold and watch me slowly shut down. If you’re the same way, it’s time to invest in some external temperature regulators if your boss isn’t willing to adjust the thermostat. A small fan for hot offices or a space heater for cold offices can have a profound effect on your energy levels.
  • Water bottle. Staying hydrated isn’t just good for your health, but it can significantly affect your energy as well. Besides helping to prevent vasoconstriction (which can lead to certain types of headaches, among other issues), water is also an essential element for many bodily functions—including mood stabilization and memory. Keeping a water bottle at your desk will make it that much easier to drink the amount of water you need to survive the day.
  • Pen Vape or Glass Pipe: Some people want to be able to smoke nicotine or other aromatherapy herbs at the office as this helps calm the nerves and can provide an opportunity to relax.  Because pen vapes do not produce smoke (only vapor) many offices allow their employees to vape right at their desks.  To use a glass pipe you will need to walk outside.  Both tools can be very handy to help reduce on the job stress and make the day more efficient.  And both items can be found at a good online headshop.
  • Extra phone charger. Sometimes a short and mild distraction is all we need to help us focus for the rest of the day. If our work computers prevent access to certain sites, your phone may be your only link to the outside world. One with a low battery, however, will turn a happy break into a frustrating one. Keep an extra phone charger at your desk for those moments of desperation when you just need to watch a 5-minute silly cat video on YouTube.


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