Tips for Planning a Wedding at The End of The Year

Who does not deserve to get a successful wedding party in accordance to the wishes? Everyone would want it, especially for everyone who has a partner and ready to get married, this is definitely awaited. Marriage is often a very sacred event, and it only lasts once in a lifetime. Surely every couple has a dream that will always be memorable for a special bride and the family.

It is undeniable that the success of a wedding event can not be separated from the planning that has been prepared. Well, for those of you who already have plans to the marriage level, the following tips can be a guide to smoothen your wedding plans.

1. Wedding Organizer 

Wedding Organizer is a special solution that personally helps brides and families in planning and overseeing wedding events according to a predetermined schedule. By using the Wedding Organizer service from Pink Caviar, you can save time and cost. Pink Caviar is event management in Sydney that offers a wide range of services, from wedding coordinator Sydney to Event Management Conference.

Tips: choose a Wedding Organizer, you and your partner need to be selective. It doesn’t harm to look for the best Wedding Organizer for a wedding that appropriates your dreams. You and your partner can find out through the reviews of your friends who have used the services of different wedding organizers, through the internet or can visit the wedding exhibitions that are often held.

2. Calculate the Budget

Start to open up each other finances to determine the wedding budget. The wedding budget is a very sensitive thing because the budget will cover all the things that are owned during wedding preparation. Starting from catering, invitations, souvenirs, decorations, makeup, entertainment, photographers to the rooms or wedding hall.

Tips: Once you know the cost of your wedding, immediately plan to raise funds for the wedding and party.

3. Determine the Number of Guests

The number of guests who join the program is certainly different from the number of guests who will be attending to the wedding. At the application program, guests are allowed to attend, usually only the extended family of each party as well as a few close relatives.

However, at the wedding course all families near and far, until all the relatives of both parties will be invited. Usually, the quota for guests can be divided into, 1,000-2,000 people including large-scale parties, 500-700 people including medium parties and 200 people including private parties.

Knowing the number of guests and the quota of guests who will be invited from the beginning can be good planning and this also affects the budget of your wedding party.