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House Training is Possible Using a Dog Crate

The dog crate that built using fiberglass or commonly called vari kennel has a lot of uses that is why every dog owner must have one. It is the type of crate that is more suitable for transporting your dogs but another reason is that you can use it to house train your dog. Using a crate for house training a puppy is very effective because dogs do not like to sleep or stay near their own waste. However to make this really worth the effort you need to be very consistent. It can be difficult at first, but your canine buddy will quickly learn if you are very consistent.

How do you get stated on crate training your pet? It is very basic. You start by using a crate that is the right size. Get one that is big enough for your dog to fit in. Do not get one that is way too big or the dog will eliminate is the farthest corner.

Very young dogs find it difficult to control their bladders so you must be very patient. The trick is to follow a schedule. It is also important to follow the same time schedules every single day. This will also require to establish a consistent feeding schedule. Depending on the dog breed or their size, they might need to “go” every 4 hours or at least two. You must also remember that puppies tend to eliminate after waking up, or after playing and eating.

Dogs love being rewarded and puppies are likely to repeat desired actions to continue getting a reward. Giving your dog a food reward is the easiest but you can also use toys or praises or a few minutes or play time. Give your pet a reward after every time he pees or poops in the designated spot. If your puppy eliminates accidentally inside the crate, take him out and clean the crate. The puppy might get used to doing his business inside the crate if you leave him there far too long with his or her waste.

In conclusion, every dog owner should have a vari kennel because of its many uses including house training a dog. Even professional dog trainers use this trick, but any dog owner can do this as well. Like any kind of training, house training can be very challenging but it is worth the effort if done right. Consistency is very important if you want to make this work. House training is very important and it should start as soon as possible after your dog has arrived in your home and using a crate is the easiest that you can do. All this starts with a crate that is reliable and can last for years. Click this link to know where you can get a good kennel for this purpose.

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