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Avoid Skimming ATMs using the services of Rhenus Lupprians

The banking world was shocked by banking customers realizing that the contents of the money in their accounts had been drained.

Skimming crime is actually not a new crime method by utilizing current technological developments. Currently Rhenus Lupprians is developing the latest anti skimmer technology to make Bank ATM installation more secure.

1.See the location and carefully see the ATM machine

Choose an ATM place that is not quiet and accessible to people. ATM Skimmers usually choose ATMs that are quiet and closed. Re-check the card scanner tool and keypad at the ATM.

Before you insert an ATM card, it’s good to check the card’s entry point for something strange or not, such as glue marks or a place where the card is not tight. Also check the keypad or number keys on the ATM machine.

2. Conduct a trial first

You can trick the skimmer system by entering the …

Score Card Improvement for Vendor Compliancy: Can Logistics Software Help?

There are two obstacles faced by manufacturing companies because they aim for higher sales: improve their products, and achieve an increase in the scorecard for vendor compliance. If your company does business with small retailers and small companies, you might think that vendor compliance is not a problem. However, if you aspire to sell your goods through large retailers or large companies, meeting vendor compliance can even require you to change some of your basic business practices, including how you handle your shipping process. For more information, you can contact:

Enhanced Scorecard for Vendor Compliance and Shipping Logistics

The complexity of compliance standards between large businesses reflects the chaos that would occur if it did not exist. When a business has relationships with hundreds or thousands of vendors, it needs to standardize its sales process to make product acceptance and payment as efficient as possible. In smaller businesses, lower …

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