3 Tips on how to set powerful hair reduce your risk of hair loss

A wide range of latest hair model trends makes us want to experiment in terms of styling. A wide range of tools and styling products can be used as needed. But if the wrong use, can result in a risk of loss. For those of you who have experienced the hair loss problem, you can use hair extensions Bondi from Headoffice Hair Specialist. They are Bondi hair extensions that offer a wide range of treatments to the installation of hair extensions. Also, to solve the problem of hair loss, all you need to do is to arrange the hair in the right way. Here are some of her tips!

1. Use Styling products with natural content

Wisely choosing a product formulation can save you from the risk of hair loss. Not just cosmetics, hair styling products are also there that use natural ingredients, such as shampoo Keune. The formula is quite safe and powerful enough to be able to tidy up and hold hair shape. With more than 30 extracts of organic herbs and essential oils, this shampoo also helps to maintain moisture during use.

2. Use Heat Protectant when using Styling tools with hot temperature

This includes one of the most often forgotten women when styling your hair at home. Before using a curling iron, you must use a heat protectant to allow the hair to be protected from exposure to hot temperatures that are at risk of damaging the hair shaft. Prevent damaged and dry hair shaft conditions before inviting hair problems like broken, branching, and falling out.

3. Hair comb from the center

From which part do you start combing while styling your hair? If the answer is you comb directly from the top, this could be one of the causes of hair loss that you are not aware of. Tangled hair usually occurs in the lower area and the combing movements of the base will cause a stronger tangling and interesting movement. When styling the hair, the comb starts from the center to parse the tangled part first, then continue combing from the base of the hair to make sure the hair is perfectly neat. After that, you’re free to organize them. Tied, braided, or anything, free!