3 Tips to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Content Best ideas to help you upgrade your email marketing performance

Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers. The first step is to create a list of users’ email addresses, which will allow you to always be in touch with your target audience. After sending out a newsletter, you will be able to monitor various email marketing metrics that will help you improve the quality of emails. These include the number of openings and complaints, unsubscriptions, and so on. Atompark will help you cope with this task.

Write catchy email subject lines

The chances that a user opens your email increase if they are interested in its subject. It’s not necessary to use fine but empty words, it is enough to choose a phrase that will “hook” readers’ attention. In some cases, it is appropriate to use emoticons in the subject line for marketing email, which will emphasize the overall mood of the message.
You can also use email automation principles suggested at www.atompark.com.The company representatives will help you create both a high-quality subject line and the text of it.

Use personalization techniques

Every day each user gets tons of messages in their inboxes. If they don’t differ from each other, the chances of opening your email will tend to zero. To make users want to read your message, use simple e-commerce email marketing techniques, including personalization:

  • call each user by name;
  • use personal dates;
  • mention interests and demographic status of users.

This will make the information interesting to readers. After that it's up to you: convince them with such fascinating things that they would scroll to the end of the page and go to your company’s website.

Schedule regular email campaign

Newsletters shouldn’t be sent once in a while, they should come regularly. For this, it’s worth compiling a special calendar. In it, you will schedule the dates of sending newsletters to your customers, the time of publishing content on your site or on your pages in social media.
You can also use special email marketing programs to make it easy to send your newsletters at the right time. It is especially important to send messages to users who have just registered or bought a new product. This way you will gain their trust from the very first minutes of acquaintance.