4 Cool Facts About Aluminum

Aluminum is a fascinating metal. It’s silvery-white and easily binds with other elements. Variations of aluminum such as aluminum alloy are used for a variety of purposes. There is a lot to learn about this kind of metal and the many uses it has. Here are four interesting facts about this type of metal.

1. Aluminum Can Be Strengthened

This metal is highly valued because it is lightweight. This makes it an exceptional choice for transportation, especially for aerospace crafts. Although it is lightweight, there are many ways to make aluminum stronger, such as through a heat treatment or in an anodizing tank. You can even combine other elements with the metal to make it more resistant and durable. 

2. Aluminum Is Very Common

Outside of oxygen and silicon, you can find aluminum all around the world, and it is quite common. However, rare aluminum is harder to find, as elements can easily combine with the metal. Aluminum has been used for years and will likely continue to be popular.

3. Aluminum Can Be Recycled

It’s always good to hear when elements and metals can be properly recycled. Aluminum is a green metal, which means that recycling is an easy process. Much of today’s aluminum is recycled.

4. The Moon Has Aluminum

This metal isn’t just common on Earth, but on the moon as well. Of course, there are many minerals and elements found on the moon, such as oxygen, silicon, calcium and iron. 

Aluminum is one of those metals that is more interesting than you may think. There are so many uses of the metal, and when combined with other elements, it can only become more and more useful. Next time you need to build something that is lightweight or you want to use a metal that can be recycled, think about aluminum and aluminum alloys.