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Maintaining the keyboard for some people is quite difficult. Especially for people who use their laptops to play games, this certainly makes the keyboard less durable.

Using a laptop keyboard carelessly can make it damaged. Therefore, it takes several things that must be considered when using the keyboard. Don’t underestimate the little things that you often do use the keyboard.

How to care for a laptop keyboard so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly is a simple thing. But many people don’t pay attention to it and underestimate it, so many laptop keyboards have to be replaced or repaired.

Don’t use the laptop keyboard while playing games

As quoted from https://technik-buddy.de, Many people use their laptops for gaming purposes. However, laptop keyboards are usually very vulnerable to damage when used to play games too often.

This is because playing games require you to press the keyboard repeatedly, and usually playing games also makes someone press the keyboard hard. Not to mention if you’re emotional, of course, the keyboard will suffer because it becomes an outlet for annoyance.

Various kinds of things done when using the keyboard in playing games can make it break quickly. To overcome this, you can use a joystick or buy an external keyboard only.

Don’t Type Aloud

Regarding the first method, you shouldn’t type too hard on the laptop keyboard. This applies not only to gamers but to many people who work with laptops and require them to use the keyboard regularly.

The keyboard has been shaped in such a way as to facilitate your work, including the sensitivity in typing. Therefore, you don’t need to type too hard to press it, because it can damage the laptop keyboard later.

Keep away from food and liquids

This is probably one of the hobbies of many people, namely using a laptop while eating and drinking. While eating and drinking while working on a laptop is fun, it can be dangerous for the laptop keyboard, even for the laptop as a whole.

Eating and drinking while using a laptop can certainly make food and drinks spill on the laptop. When a liquid gets into the laptop, whether a lot or a little, it can cause the laptop to short.

That way, not only will the keyboard be damaged, your laptop will also be damaged because of it. So keep food and drinks from your laptop.

Routine Cleaning the Keyboard

The keyboard is the part of the computer that is most often touched by laptop users. Of course, your hands are not necessarily clean when using a laptop keyboard. The keyboard that is left idle for a long time will also be a place for dust. Because the keyboard gets dirty so quickly, you have to clean the keyboard regularly.

Therefore, you can regularly clean the laptop keyboard using a brush. Sweep between the keyboard to remove the various dirt in it.

Next, you also need to clean cloth or rag that has been moistened with glass cleaning liquid to keep the keyboard clean. Make sure to dry the cloth until it fits to clean the keyboard later.

Using the Keyboard Protector

How to care for the next laptop keyboard is to use a keyboard protector. This will certainly be able to make the laptop keyboard more durable.

You can buy various types of keyboard protectors to suit your laptop. Usually, this keyboard protector has elastic silicon material. By using a keyboard protector, you have protected it from dust, dirty hands when using the keyboard, to food and drinks that can spill.