7 Mistakes Frequently Made When Buying a Gaming PC

Some mistakes we often make, for example, buying a gaming PC just because they are interested in the luxury features offered, and so forth. Instead of spending a lot of money, of course, it is more appropriate to choose a PC Gaming by considering in terms of cheaper gaming PC and its performance. Here are some mistakes that are often made when buying a gaming computer.

1. Buy a Gaming PC because it looks cool

Often the appearance of a gaming PC that looks cool does not have high-end components in it. Actually, it does not matter if the appearance of a PC looks normal as long as there are the right components inside. We can just spend a lot of money just because choosing a PC from the outside looks good. But is that really necessary? Actually, if we want to save a little, we can divert half the cost for other purposes.

2. Forgetting the Amount of Game Files That Can Be Loaded

When you decide to buy a gaming PC, do you think of the specifications of the storage drive to be chosen? At this time, we must remember that the size of modern video game files is much larger, even some video games that are labeled AAA usually have a file size of more than 30 GB.

It could be that future games in a few years will have a bigger size. Not to mention if you pay attention to these games always get regular updates, certainly need more free storage space.

3. Not Planning for the Future

In fact, the good gamer PC upgrade cycle is much faster than console devices like Xbox and PlayStation. Although we can still run new games without having to upgrade the computer, over time the game will no longer support being played.

Therefore, before buying a gaming PC, the important thing we must do is to consider whether the specifications we choose can be upgraded later or not.

4. Save on Buying Power Supply

The function of the power supply is to provide electrical power to all components in the PC if the performance of the power supply is not optimal, it can damage or destroy components inside the PC, even this can cause a short circuit and burn every component of the PC.

In addition, the low-quality power supply has an inefficient performance. That is, can increase electricity bills. We also need to ensure that the power supply you want to buy has enough power to support all components of the device in the computer. Because basically a good CPU and GPU will require more resources than non-gaming computers.

5. Buying features that are not needed

Let’s just say we want to buy a special computer for gaming purposes, this means we only need specifications and features that can improve the gaming experience for the better. Therefore, make sure the money we spend is right to buy the components we need today and put the main components that are of higher quality for gaming needs.

6. Get APU and GPU Features at Once

APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit, in which it is equipped with a CPU and GPU on a single chip. Not intended to judge which is the best at the moment, but often the GPU embedded in one chip cannot offer a gaming experience as impressive as when we use the latest generation of graphics cards today.

Even so, we can choose one of them, which is to choose separate CPU and GPU components or choose to use only APU components. If the two components are combined, it will make one of them will not function properly.

7. Think PC Gaming Requires a Lot of RAM

Make sure you have enough RAM to play any game, then don’t think if we need a lot of RAM and hope to make the game run more smoothly.

In fact, a lot of RAM does not necessarily make the game run more smoothly. But instead, think about choosing a graphics card that provides more VRAM capacity, because the technology allows for the ability to display higher resolutions and better visuals when playing video games.