7 Ways to Expel Spiders to the Nest, Simple & Effective

Although not dangerous, spiders that are often present in homes are very scary for some people. If they are outside the house certainly does not matter, but what if the animal is in the corner of the house? How to get rid of spiders you can rely on. No need to buy expensive liquid exterminator, because everything is very simple and is around you.

Here’s a way to expel spiders from home that is practical and easy to do.

1 Home Cleaning Routine

Clean every corner of the room regularly, starting from the floor, especially the ceiling.

Do not also let there are messy items and dirty clothes piled up. If the objects are a mess, then he will make a nest in between. Just like cockroaches and ants, these animals are also very interested in entering the house if there are food crumbs scattered about.

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2 Suck the Spiders Nest

If you find a spider that has lodged in several parts of the house, an easy way to get rid of it is by vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner.

This step is said to eliminate these animals by their roots.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can also clean it using a long-handled broom.

Stick the broom into the nest, then roll and broom until the nest is gone.

But if there are too many spiders in the house, they should repel them with special assistance.

3 Take advantage of Vinegar or Lemon

If you feel that a spider’s nest has been very disturbing comfort at home, try to get rid of them starting from the eggs.

Use blends that are natural and also environmentally friendly, for example like vinegar or lemon water.

The vinegar contained acetic acid compounds that can kill them by burning it.

Mix cooked white vinegar with water in a balanced ratio.

Put it in a special bottle and spray it on the nesting areas of this animal.

In addition to spraying, you can also pour vinegar onto a small bowl and leave it in the corners of the room where spiders nest.

If you do not like the vinegar aroma that is too piercing, you can replace it with lemon juice.

Isn’t it simple how to get rid of spiders on this one?

4 Use Peppermint Oil

Do you have a collection of aromatherapy essential oils at home?

Try searching for peppermint-scented oil and use it to keep this animal away from your home.

Animals that include arthropods aka leg-tufted feet are also very disliked of the aroma of mint.

Just like making the previous mixture, fill the spray bottle with water then add 15-20 drops of the essential oil into it.

Beat until the mixture is evenly distributed then spray between the house and the nest.

In this way, the room will have a soothing fragrance.

Alternatively, you can moisten cotton or cloth with pure peppermint oil and store it in the sections above.

Besides mint, you can also use tea tree aroma oil and eucalyptus.

5 How to Get Rid of Spiders Using Cinnamon

The next natural ingredient that you can use to drive spiders away from the house can be found in the kitchen you know!

That ingredient is cinnamon powder.

Sprinkle the powder on the part of the house you are tagging into where this animal passes.

The strong aroma will make this animal stay away.

6 Banish Spiders with Tobacco

You can also use fresh tobacco or in a cigarette pack as an ingredient in how to ward off spiders.

Cut the tobacco into small sizes, then spread on the house.

7 Chestnut

Finally, chestnut aka chestnuts are placed near the window area and some parts of the room will drive these animals away from the house.

Besides being quite cheap, you can use these beans for a long period because they are difficult to rot.

Hopefully, these tips are useful to you!