Any Typical Thai Souvenirs

Among many countries in Asia, Thailand is consistently included in the list of countries that attract foreign tourists. Thailand is seriously developing its tourism industry.

The good news, Thailand is not only known for its tourism. The country is also known as one of the shopping paradises for shopaholics, and also has seaside resorts ranging from 1 to 5 stars, at affordable prices such as Novotel Phuket Vintage Park which has Grade 4 Star Hotel Phuket.

Are you interested in looking for typical Thai souvenirs? Either you shop at the traditional market, the night market, or the big shopping center; here are some typical Thai souvenirs that you can find in almost all the cities.


Elephants are great animals in Thailand. But that doesn’t mean you have to bring alive elephants as souvenirs. Instead, you can buy various elephant themed trinkets, especially the white elephant.

There are many types of elephant-themed souvenirs that you can find in Thailand. Ranging from small ones like key chains, table decorations, to home decorations; all you can find in various cities in the country.

Spa Products

A trip to Thailand isn’t complete if you haven’t tried the sensation of their traditional massage. Likewise with the traditional spa series, which are often sought after by tourists while on vacation in Thailand.

If you are a Thai massage and spa lover, consider buying various spa products for souvenirs. There are many choices of products to suit your favorite and budget, ranging from massage oils, aromatherapy candles, body scrubs, foot care products, essential oils, and various dried herbs sold in packs.

Food and Snack

Food and snacks are always interesting souvenirs for everyone. Especially for the food and snacks from countries that have a lot of typical culinary, such as Thailand. Wondering what foods to buy in Thailand? Here are some ideas that you can cheat on:

  • Candies are always a favorite souvenir. Moreover, its price is usually quite affordable, and suitable to be purchased in large quantities. You can buy candy with tropical flavors, such as coconut and durian candy.
  • Jam also be a typical Thai souvenir. There are some flavors of jam that may be hard to find in your country. Are you interested in trying rambutan and coconut jam?
  • Chocolate in elephant shape and Tuk-tuk also can be a cute souvenir from Thailand.
  • Various dried fruits. Thailand is always known for the tropical countries’ image. So why do not you buy a variety of dried fruit as souvenirs?
  • Durian is known as a typical Thai fruit. You can easily find various snacks made from Durian in every corner of Thailand.

Lamps and Lanterns

Okay, this might not be the kind of Thailand general souvenir you can imagine. But it is true. Lights and lanterns are often used as souvenirs, especially for people who like Thai decorative elements.

The other alternative, you can buy paper lanterns. Thailand is quite famous for its lantern festival, so you can easily find typical Thai-style lanterns made from rice paper and bamboo. There are various models, ranging from simple to complex models, which able to pick up according to your wish.