Avoid Skimming ATMs using the services of Rhenus Lupprians

The banking world was shocked by banking customers realizing that the contents of the money in their accounts had been drained.

Skimming crime is actually not a new crime method by utilizing current technological developments. Currently Rhenus Lupprians is developing the latest anti skimmer technology to make Bank ATM installation more secure.

1.See the location and carefully see the ATM machine

Choose an ATM place that is not quiet and accessible to people. ATM Skimmers usually choose ATMs that are quiet and closed. Re-check the card scanner tool and keypad at the ATM.

Before you insert an ATM card, it’s good to check the card’s entry point for something strange or not, such as glue marks or a place where the card is not tight. Also check the keypad or number keys on the ATM machine.

2. Conduct a trial first

You can trick the skimmer system by entering the wrong PIN when entering the ATM card for the first time. Because the PIN is wrong, the ATM machine will ask you to return to enter your PIN number. Enter the right PIN in the second experiment.

Be careful, don’t enter the PIN too often or your card will be blocked. Don’t forget to close your hands tightly when entering your PIN. This avoids the hidden camera installed.

3. Another alternative to taking money

You can also use a smartphone to take money. Some ATMs and banks in Indonesia now have an ATM card-use system. It’s good to ask the Bank customer service about this feature.

4. Take advantage of the banking application features on the smartphone

In official banking applications there is usually a notification feature. Activate the notification or notification feature for every transaction out, so you can quickly block and report to the Bank when there are suspicious transactions.

Always update your bank data, and never tell the data to other people. These last tips may be lazy for many.