Benefits of Eucalyptus to get rid of bad breath during fasting

One of the things that must be done when fasting is to endure thirst. Decreasing fluid intake during fasting causes dry mouth due to decreased saliva production. This triggers bad breath in the fasting person. To overcome this, besides regularly following the recommended toothbrush frequency during fasting, using products containing eucalyptus extract can also help this problem. There are several ways how eucalyptus gets rid of bad breath that has been summarized for you.

Benefits of eucalyptus extract to get rid of bad breath

Many things that come from nature have benefits for everyday life. One example is the use of eucalyptus extract which is generally taken from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.

This extract has been widely used as the main ingredient and active ingredient for medicine and health products, such as the content of eucalyptus extract insensitive or ordinary toothpaste.

In a toothpaste product, many different ingredients are used so that users can get the benefits of the product. Common examples are sensitive toothpaste containing potassium nitrate and herbal extracts. The content of potassium nitrate is useful for reducing pain and eucalyptus extract as a freshener for the toothpaste.

The content of eucalyptus extract expels bad breath by making the mouth cool so that the breath becomes fresher. As a flavor refresher, this extract makes the taste buds taste more fresh when brushing your teeth, not tasting the chemical flavors that make up the toothpaste.

Then, the content of this extract also has antibacterial properties. This characteristic can fight bacteria that trigger bad breath. Therefore, eucalyptus extract is useful to get rid of bad breath.

Benefits of eucalyptus extract for oral health

Continuing the discussion about the antibacterial properties of eucalyptus extract, it turns out that this plant extract also has a myriad of uses for dental health.

Protect the mouth area from germs

Not only freshens breath, but this extract can also fight germs that form plaque on teeth. Several common dental diseases, such as tooth decay (caries) and inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) are triggered by plaque.

Several studies have concluded that the content of this extract can fight bacterial activity in the mouth. One way is by changing the characteristics of the bacterial wall.

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Inhibits dental caries bacteria

In addition to eliminating bad breath, eucalyptus extract can inhibit caries-causing germs. A study entitled Essential oils, their therapeutic properties, and implication in dentistry: A review concluded that this extract inhibits one type of lactobacillus, namely lactobacillus acidophilus. These bacteria are associated with tooth decay.

Maintain healthy teeth and mouth

Even though you are not experiencing dental and mouth disease, oral hygiene must be maintained. Using dental and oral health products made from eucalyptus extracts, it is concluded that it also helps prevent the risk of developing oral diseases. A study suggests daily use of oral and dental products that contain eucalyptus can inhibit the formation of dental plaque.

Benefits of eucalyptus extract for health

Apart from getting rid of bad breath and maintaining oral health, eucalyptus extract also has a myriad of health uses. Eucalyptus has the potential to treat diabetes because it can lower blood sugar levels.

Then, this extract is often used in traditional medicine to treat respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. Always consult a doctor first before using eucalyptus extract for health problems.

In short, eucalyptus extract is useful for expelling bad breath when fasting. Its efficacy is also not only to make your breath fresh but also to keep teeth and mouth disease or some other health problems at bay. This extract is also commonly used in dental and oral hygiene products, such as toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth.