Benefits of Using Mobile Signal Booster

Internet is used actively by almost everyone of us and if the signal is weak it brings a lot of inconvenience. Why it can be so and how to improve signal is described at the article.

Cellular phones connect with one another through a huge network of radio towers – transceivers. A long distance to the nearest tower, other sources of strong radio waves, buildings, walls, mountains and changes in weather interfere with radio signals – and that’s how you get bad reception or your calls just keep getting dropped.

Here are some of the most common signs that you live in an area with a weak mobile signal:

  • People keep telling you they couldn’t reach you, but you know for sure the phone was on and you have no missed calls;
  • You get all the bars on your screen in one room and none in another;
  • While talking on the phone, you keep hearing white noise or the voice on the other end is quiet, indistinctive and/or distorted;
  • You can hear yourself with a substantial lag.

If the answer is “yes” to all four, a mobile phone booster for home is the solution you need!

It’s a small device that looks like a Wi-Fi router with 2 extra antennas connected to it via cables – basically, a GSM repeater. It amplifies both incoming and outgoing mobile network signals so that your house or apartment is fully covered and the quality of service is great. It’s like having another mini-tower between you and the main tower. Simple solutions often work the best, and this is one of them.

A mobile phone signal boosteris really easy to deploy. It works out of the box as soon as you plug it in – you don’t have to work through a complex adjustment to set everything up. Here’s a simple step by step guide for you.

  1. Find a place to install an outdoor antenna. The higher is the better, on the roof is perfect, near the window is fine.
  2. Connect a cable to a GSM signal amplifier.
  3. Install an indoor antenna inside, preferably on a ceiling somewhere close to the centre of the house;
  4. Connect the second cable to the amplifier;
  5. Plug in your cell phone boosterand wait for it to load.

Most repeaters are not only able to provide you with a better GSM signal and LTE, but to amplify a Wi-Fi signal as well – so you’re getting two for the price of one. If you are a happy owner of a spacious house or an apartment, there are higher chances your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to cover the entire area.

Once your phone signal boosteris up and running, you can enjoy flawless reception, fast LTE and better Wi-Fi in every corner of your house. Forget about the irritating silence on the other side and calls getting dropped, especially when they are really important.