CCNA IT Infrastructure Service.

The need for information and technology has become fundamental in business. Companies today need information and technology infrastructure that can sustain their business activities. Recognizing this need, CCNA develops IT infrastructure services that are fully customizable based on customer needs.

The foundation of IT infrastructure lies in optimizing network utilization. The information infrastructure and technology services provided by CCNA focus on adding value to activities based on customer network systems. With various forms of IT infrastructure services owned, CCNA offers work pattern efficiency that impacts on optimizing company resources and influencing the business value of the company concerned in an operational context. The information infrastructure services and technology developed by CCNA can be fully adapted to the needs of the customers concerned, therefore CCNA infrastructure services can be used by companies from various sectors and business scales.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service for establishing a closed company internal network infrastructure that can be equipped with a data encryption system to protect information paths from outside access and hackers. The VPN service provided by CCNA is intended to build an efficient exchange of information between the head office and the customer’s branch offices.


CCNA data centre service is a service that provides the physical or virtual infrastructure that is used to place the customer’s network system and all its components. Data centre services are divided into 7 types of categories:

  • IP Telephony and Video
  • Networks, Cabled and Wireless
  • Contact Center Applications
  • Multi-media offerings including email, webchat, web collaboration and SMS
  • Unified Communications
  • Desktop Solutions


Installation of physical cables for information networks and technologies that are not properly implemented can cause problems when there needs to be an update or addition of components. CCNA Wi-Fi and cabling services are intended to assist customers in planning and maintaining their physical cable installation and Wi-Fi devices.