Check This Before Choosing An IT Vendor For Your Company

Tips for choosing an IT system like CCNA there are a number of key things that a company must-see:

Scalability Is this system able to keep up with the company’s IT needs? Can the scale of use be adjusted to the needs of the company?

IT Support

What if there are difficulties when the user uses this system? How to contact the vendor? Is the vendor willing to provide Helpdesk or On-site Visit assistance? Are there any additional fees? How far are vendors ready to help?

CostIess the system offered according to the budget? Good value to money? Cheap at first but expensive for maintenance/support? What is the cost of developing an application/system/ adding features? In addition to the cost of Rupiah, of course, time and effort need to be taken into account. If you want to create a custom application, it takes at least 3 months and it’s only for a simple application version 1, not to mention all kinds of testing and adjustments that need to be done. What about the effort spent while trying out an application, modifying and then training staff, efforts for data entry?


Is the Network Marketing company you will choose or are joining, relying on good technology? Call it a website that is comfortable for ordinary people to see.

Some Network Marketing companies do not really pay attention to this and think that “only” has a website, it immediately makes a professional representation. In fact, without a good appearance and a leading website system, it’s the same thing.

Not to mention, in some companies I can see the names of their members. What the? In fact, the names are personal and should not be published. The names can usually be seen in their participation in training. There is no special login access to find out about this. So, everyone who took part in the training could be identified by name.

This will certainly make people who want to join the company uncomfortable. They will think, will my name just be imprinted?

Besides the website, are there applications available to monitor your business development? If a Network Marketing company doesn’t have this, imagine what will happen in the next 3-5 years? Everyone will leave a company that has no cutting edge technology.