Complete Guide to Writing Viral Articles Easily

One niche blog that is increasingly in demand by bloggers is viral content. Not only the big media, this niche is also a lot of senior bloggers and beginners. Viral content is indeed very potential to be worked on, and interestingly, creating viral content is not so difficult to create. It’s not as difficult as making a essay 500 word.

One of the keys to creating a viral article is that you are updated with the latest information. Social media accounts also play an important role for viral websites. Website owners must find ways when the right time to write and when the right time to share your content on social media.

Create Viral Articles by Playing Reader Emotions

The trick that is often played in viral content is the emotions of the reader. The writing that you publish on your website must be about the emotions of the reader, both positive and negative emotions. When these readers’ emotions begin to be touched, then a user will be encouraged to share your content through his social media accounts.

For those of you who are interested in playing in this niche, you can start working on your blog with the following tutorial on creating viral articles:

1. Make Clickable-Headlines

The first thing to do is create a title that entices the reader to click on your article. If you are observant, of course you notice that many online news sites with viral content and make titles that attract people.

The important points here are:

• The title must be as interesting as possible and represent the contents of the content created (not as long as it makes the title interesting, but apparently does not connect with the content).

• The title must be concise, concise, and clear. You need to make sure the title that you created is not cut off when shared on social media.

• Give an interesting cover photo, which is the main photo that appears when you share your content on social media. This interesting and appropriate cover photo can add value to your viral articles.

2. Your Content Must Be Able To Evoke Readers’ Emotions

Whether it’s positive or negative emotions, the article that you created must be able to arouse the emotions of readers in order to be viral. Evoking the emotions of this reader has actually started since you made the title ’emotional’ in point # 1. However, you need to dig deeper into their emotions through the type of content you present.

On large sites themselves, the patterns used tend to arouse negative emotions from readers because they are judged to be easier. Not surprisingly, in the world of journalism, we often know the term “Bad News Is Good News, Good News Is Bad News”.

No wonder, when there is bad news, sometimes the media loads it in an excessive manner. Especially in politics, where there are many tendencies to lead opinions to make it easier to build the emotions of readers.

On the other hand, articles that arouse the positive emotions of readers also have their own power. Try combining the two to complement your content and optimize it in many ways.

3. Build Curiosity

Besides attracting the empathy of the reader by arousing their emotions, you can also try to arouse the curiosity of the reader in the title of the article that you created. This curiosity can usually encourage someone to read and share your article.

4. Increase the Number of Posts

When you play in a viral article niche, besides playing with the curiosity and emotions of the reader, you also play with quantity. That is, you can not only rely on 3 posts a day. Make more content, for example 10-15 articles a day. The more articles the better. And make sure you are updated with the article being hit.

5. Content Must Be Visual and Interactive

Viral content is identical to the presentation of content that is light in number of posts, but visually appealing. The type of targeted audience usually tends to be audiences who don’t really like to read long and dense content because most of the traffic is generated from social media (tends to be the type of instant audience).

For example, the content below. The author deliberately uses one photo to discuss one moment. Not much is peeled, but the engagement is very good and shared thousands of times.

6. Pay Attention to the Timing and Type of Audience that You Shoot

As mentioned above, your content must be up to date, updated regularly and never miss when there are news that are being hit. You also have to analyze the pattern when the timing is right for you to make an article.

When you have found the right timing pattern, you can repeat it again. If not, try experimenting with a time pattern. For example, if it turns out that your content engagement is better during the evening hours, then you can optimize the time range to post your viral articles.

You must also present content according to the type of audience you are aiming for. Is that easy children, parents, adults, political enthusiasts, and so forth. Learn about their interests and the types of content they like.

7. Increase the number of your fans / followers

Talking about viral, we talk a lot about the size of the audience we have on social media. That means you have to increase your social media active followers, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The more followers, the more your audience will reach. More audience means the potential of the reader and the number of articles shared is greater.

To increase the number of loyal followers, you need to combine viral content in the form of website articles with non-articles. For example, suppose you provide two non-article viral content rations in the form of pictorial content or viral video every day on the website. This trick will also keep your readers from getting bored easily because all the content read on your page turns out to be all website articles.

Any other ideas? May be useful!