Creation of a custom ETH and ERC-20 cryptocurrency wallet for personal secure use

Smartym Pro’s compact cryptocurrency wallet is an intuitive pocket tool for crypto-assets management. This solution allows its users to execute fast transactions in ETH, manage ERC-20 tokens, work in Bitcoin’s test network, and enjoy the minimalist pleasant UI/UX design.

This Android and iOS mobile application, which is simply called WLLT,  is a great example of payment app development work by Smartym Pro. Its main mission – become an unobtrusive companion for a person, that wants to keep his crypto safe and at the same time enjoy some special unique functionality, provided that the interface is as friendly and simple as possible.

The workflow of Smartym Pro’s mobile apps development included a discovery stage, wireframes and mockups creation as well as thorough quality assurance and attentive project management along with flawless coding. As a result, the company has released an application, using which users are able to:

  •  Create crypto wallets in a second, or import existing ones from any other platform/wallet;
  •  Add so-called “watch-only” wallets – users can add anyone’s wallet using its open key, thus having an opportunity to trace anybody’s balance and the transaction history, without the need to visit the Blockchain explorer every time;
  •  Adjust the transaction fee aka the gas. The bigger the gas is, the faster your addressee will get his money;
  •  Add all the necessary ERC-20 tokens and manage them in one place;
  •  And others.

At the moment Smartym Pro’s software development team is working on new exciting features, such as:

  •  Full-fledged BTC currency support;
  •  Localisation – the company wants the app to be used in multiple countries, from Asia to East Europe;
  •  The ability to buy crypto-assets in the application using credit and debit bank cards;
  •  Cryptocurrency exchange.

Smartym Pro is a top Blockchain company, located in Eastern Europe. The company’s development team has impressive versatile experience in Blockchain development and working with all sorts of cryptocurrencies. Among the most successful projects in their portfolio, you might find for example a custom document flow management system for a petroleum trading organization on base of Hyperledger, or a unique decentralized market of data oracles, and even a complex construction monitoring system with the support of RFID-tags, created for a real estate industry.