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Everything you must know about the internet service of CenturyLink

The headquarters of CenturyLink is located in Monroe, Louisiana. Currently, CenturyLink is one of the largest cable and Internet service providers in the nation of the United States. The company also offers phone services to its clients. Along with this, CenturyLink provides cloud services and security systems. CenturyLink started in 1930 in the US and then spread across South and North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The primary business of CenturyLink is to provide a telephone network. Currently, CenturyLink is the third-largest telephone network company in the United States. The corporation also provides DSL Internet services, as has been seen in the case of most other telephone companies in the US. The DSL connection is also referred to as a broadband Internet connection. Currently, CenturyLink is active in 39 states and provides businesses and families with high-speed Internet. They use the twisted copper wire to deliver Internet and telephone services.

In the year 2014, CenturyLink started laying down fiber-optic cables. By using fiber-optic cable, CenturyLink is successfully providing high-speed Internet and television to the areas where the fiber-optic Internet connection is active. Currently, the fiber Internet service is available in 17 US states.

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In many regions where CenturyLink is active, they have upgraded the ADSL backbone to fiber optics. However, ordinary telephone cables are being used to conduct the service from the local junction to homes. The company has been working on replacing the final stretch with the fiber-optic cable to complete the fiber-optic link.


CenturyLink is one of the first few Internet service provider companies that do not provide discounts in the first year. The marketing strategy of CenturyLink primarily revolves around the price of life promise, which states that the firm would never raise the price of services for any subscriber even if the price recorded on the website may increase over time for the new customers.


CenturyLink plans

the unfortunate part of CenturyLink is that the plans are not the same throughout the United States. In every region where CenturyLink is active, there are different plans available. You can choose one of the two plans available at your location. However, it depends on the exact location of your residence or business.


If you decide to opt for CenturyLink, you must also opt for paperless billing. Only clients with a direct TV package are eligible for availing of the 200 Mbps plan for the Internet.


Overview of CenturyLink pricing

apart from the fiber optic plan, all the other CenturyLink Internet-only plans have low prices. Wherever CenturyLink serves, the company offers two plans. Although both plans are in the same price range, the higher plan needs a $99 one-time professional installation. If you choose to go for an assisted installation, you will have to pay around $125. Alternatively, you can go for self-installation, which is absolutely free. However, there is a $50 handling and shipping fee for the delivery of the modem. If you decide to register online for the service of Century Link, you will be exempted from the handling and shipping fee of the modem. The price of the modem is $15 per month. CenturyLink also does not allow customers to use their modem. But they do allow customers to purchase the modem at $150. If you decide to opt for CenturyLink, it would be wise to purchase the modem instead of paying the rental fee. This way, the modem will pay for itself in the long run, and you will not have to worry about paying $15 extra every month.


If you choose to go for the fiber internet plan, you will be availing of free professional installation and a free modem. All plans of CenturyLink contain a 30-day option of money back if you are not happy with the services.


CenturyLink Customer service

CenturyLink provides a customer service section on the website. This allows every customer of CenturyLink to monitor their account and ensure that all of the monthly bills are paid on time. If you choose to accept the online invoicing option compared to the paper bill that is mailed to you, you can opt for the $49 Internet deal and a waiver on the handling and shipping fee of the modem.


You can reach the customer service department of CenturyLink via live chat, email on the website, or via phone. Calls for technical or account support most often undergo snagging in the queue system. However, this practice is a standard across all health plans nowadays.


If you want to know which plan of CenturyLink is available at your location, you must go to the website CenturyLink and enter your address. This is the only way to see the complete choice of CenturyLink options. This is because the CenturyLink services are not available in every part of the United States.