Finding Some of the Best Podcast Interviews with a CBD Doctor Out There

The movement towards legalizing marijuana have gained powerful steam, in part because of the medicinal purposes of this natural plant. Most of those medicinal benefits come from the CBD, which is extracted as CBD oil even in most states where marijuana (even medical marijuana) is illegal. Among patients who have seen some of the amazing benefits that CBD oil brings to the table, many prefer it through CBD to any other method.

However, there’s no denying that there’s been some questionable studies and occasionally even some stretching of studies or truth for propaganda purposes. So how do you get the best most up to date information on what is taking place? There are some truly incredible podcast interviews out there with CBD doctors, and if you want to get a solid grip on what is happening in this world then these are the ones you want to listen to.

The 411 on 420 by Dr. Mary Clifton

There was no way this wasn’t going to be at the top. Why look for a single interview with a CBD doctor when there’s an entire podcast dedicated to this topic by an actual medical doctor specializing in CBD and its effects on medicine and the human body? There are entire episodes focusing on CBD for insomnia, for sleep disorders, behavior, stomach issues, and more. You can find podcasts dedicated to ultra specific topics and get the knowledge you’re looking for from a trustworthy source.

Going through the library of podcasts by Dr. Clifton is a must for anyone who wants solid reliable information on CBD medicine.

The CBD Oil Podcast

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Featuring multiple podcasts that deep dive into specific products, treatments, as well as a series of podcast interviews with CBD Doctors who each bring their specific knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the use of CBD to the show. This is one of the most popular CBD oil podcasts out there, and the knowledgeable hosts as well as the willingness to bring in experts to cover areas where their knowledge doesn’t fully cover.

Professionally Cannabis

Professionally Cannabis is an interesting podcast that generally is focused more on the business and investing side of the industry as opposed to the CBD or cannabis itself, however they do have several podcasts that bring in doctors to talk about the positive effects, how this can affect the outlook, and hit some interesting intersections of CBD oil as part of an industry along with a medically acceptable treatment.

Podcasts Via NPR

If hitting the backlog of a podcast seems a bit much, there are plenty of fantastic short podcasts or radio shorts with CBD doctors. National Public Radio (NPR) is one such example and although the name says radio, all of their major shorts are available online in audio podcast form.

In fact, there’s an entire page of podcasts around CBD ( that have a large number of podcast interviews with CBD Doctors.

As you can see there are plenty of options for getting all the knowledge you need from an excellent podcast with a CBD doctor.