Guest Post: how to do it the right way

Guest posting is one of the most effective off page SEO techniques available for you to consider. You can receive outstanding results with boosting your search engine ranking placements through the help of guest posts.

In order to receive such outstanding results, you need to learn how to do guest posting in the right way. That’s where we thought of creating this article.

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But at the same time, you can work outreaching. You can simply use this as a guide to learn how to go ahead with guest posting in the right way.

Write high quality articles

You need to get ready with the articles before you can contact website owners to receive guest posts. This is where you will have to invest a lot of time. The time, energy and effort that you invest on writing high quality articles are totally worth.

That’s because you can receive outstanding results with boosting your credibility. You need to make sure that the article or guest post is written in accordance to your business niche. You must do a proper keyword research at the time of compiling the article as well.

This is where you will have to use a reliable keyword research tools. The keywords you pick should be sprinkled over your article with natural density.

The article should be engaging and interesting to read. It should be free from grammar mistakes as well. If you feel that you don’t have the talent required to write the articles, you can contact freelance content writers.

You just need to provide them with instructions and they will be able to help you with getting compelling articles that you can use as a guest posts.

Look for a blog or a website

Once you are ready with the article, you can look for a blog or a website to publish the article. It is fine to take your time when looking for a blog or a website as well.

Then you will be able to figure out high domain authority websites or blogs, which belong to your niche. It is extremely important to pick and move forward with the blogs or websites that belong to your niche.

 This can also contribute a lot towards the results you can get with search engine placements. It is also better if you can create a list of several blogs and websites and contact them all.

Contact the editors

Now you have a list of websites and blogs, where you can publish the guest posts. In order to do that, you will need to contact the editors.

You can browse through the blogs and then locate contact information with ease.

Then you will need to go ahead and drop a mail. It is better if you can request for a guest post politely from the website or blog editors. In the mail that you send, you should clearly identify yourself and the company as well.

Along with that, you need to explain the qualifications that you have. This can provide a great help and assistance to you with building your credibility.

This credibility can increase your chances of getting a blog post as well. In some of the instances, the editor will contact you and request for a pitch. In such a situation, you need to provide a well-written pitch.

Submit the blog post

Once you get approved, you will be provided with terms and conditions for getting the blog post. You need to carefully go through those terms and conditions and make appropriate changes in the article if any. For example, most of the editors will request you to provide a blog post that has at least 1000 words.

You will then be able to submit the blog post. Along with that, you will need to wait for approval. If you don’t hear a response within a week, you can gently follow up. Even if you don’t get a response after that, you are encouraged to look for another place to get the blog post.

You must keep on doing this until you get some high quality guest posts with backlinks to your website on several credible websites out there on the internet.

Publish the guest posts on your own

You are encouraged to think about publishing your guest posts on high quality magazines and article directories as well. While you are getting the guest posts from other credible sources, you need to make sure that you are following this as well.

Then you can further increase the number of backlinks that you have under the website.

This is the right way available for any website owner to get guest posts. You must stick to this procedure and make sure that you are receiving the best guest posts to contribute towards your off page SEO efforts.