Hair Extensions Application

This time I no longer looked for a master on the Internet, everything was simplified. I communicate with a girl who has been working in the field of beauty for many years and is engaged in everything related to hair beauty.

Many acquaintances and girlfriends turned to her and were delighted, because a person puts his soul into his work!

We phoned and agreed to work on my hair on Saturday. But it took me two days to complete everything. On the first day we changed hair color and did keratin straightening, and on the second day we went for hair and extended it (Elize Hair).

Since my hair is thin, it was decided to extend 150 strands (in my first extension, they were half as much – 75).

Russian hair is more expensive than Slavic. The only difference is that the Slavic ones are softer and more airy, suitable for very weak hairs.

You can find absolutely any length, from 20 cm to 80 cm. Hair is also sold by weight.

You can also buy hair care products in the same store.

In general, here you can find hair of any type, color and length! As they say, any whim for your money)

And so, we have hair, now we can go and build it up. 

Now I will walk with my hair down and shine with my new chic thick hair.

In care, the main thing is to sleep with a ponytail or a pigtail so that there are no tangles, and do not apply hair balm to the very roots so that the capsules do not slip.

Correction is recommended in 3-4 months, when your hair grows back and the capsules are visible.

This procedure is done in two days: the first day the hair is removed and new capsules are made. The second day is building up.