How Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Help Oil and Gas Companies Survive Pandemic Times?

The oil and gas (oil and gas) industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. The volatile oil price puts the industry on the verge of uncertainty. The impact generated by a pandemic is unprecedented, requiring the oil and gas industry to design the right strategy to survive.

The use of ICT solutions and the application of digitization can be the best solution to get through difficult times during a pandemic. The use of technology itself has long been echoed by various oil and gas companies. However, with the impact of the pandemic being so significant, digital transformation is a must for businesses to survive. Here’s how ICT solutions can help the oil and gas industry survive.

Digitalization for Efficiency

Installing IoT sensors to collect data from the field is a further step that the oil and gas industry can take in terms of budget efficiency. Although the data retrieved comes from various devices such as rigs, refineries, even headsets of workers in the field, the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of information and quickly, will provide an advantage for the company in carrying out operations.

The Transition of IT infrastructure to the Cloud

Utilizing the cloud-managed networks as a substitute for local data centers to host IT infrastructure can save company budgets. Cloud service providers like Teldat have reliable bandwidth and resilience capabilities for oil and gas companies. Another advantage of switching to the cloud is that the company’s IT capabilities are easily mapped, thus enabling future growth of the company. Hosting on the cloud network management will also be more stable than the infrastructure hosted by the company.

Work Remotely

The oil and gas industry is indeed more active in the field, despite the current pandemic. Therefore, the health and safety of employees are very important for the company to pay attention to. ICT solutions can help oil and gas companies overcome this remotely.

Meanwhile, for workers who are demanded in the field, companies still need to prioritize health protocols. ICT solutions that can help with this, such as Thermal CCTV and Face Recognition.