How to install a rear view mirror backup camera

Rear View mirrors should be considered more than just a replacement of your old mirror. These advanced technology devices are made to ensure you have a safe driving experience by helping you see what’s behind and preventing collisions between you and the car behind. Through these rearview backup cameras you can see a high resolution image of whats behind your car. And are only powered on only when the car is in reverse. Fun fact, it is possible to install a rear view mirror on your own and it is very easy to do so.

The first step is of course being the right monitor system for you car. Things you should keep in mind is the size, resolution and the specific camera system that you find suitable for you car. You can look over reviews to help you make a decision.  Once you have bought the right one, its time to install it. Make sure you go over the manual for guidance and right directions.  Then you move on to disconnecting the battery before soldering and splicing any wires.Rearview mirror monitor is the most significant part of the unit and can either replace or be placed over your old mirror. Other parts include backup cameras or sensors. To make a route for them you may need to drill holes for wires and cables but make sure you drill the right paths. Once you have fixed the wiring, and placed the camera and sensors you move on to deciding whether your monitor will replace or come over the old mirror through guidance from the manual.

If you need to replace it, the simple steps of removing the cap, screws through which the mirror is connected to the vehicle shall be followed. Don’t damage your car, read the manual! After following all these steps correctly, its time to connect the system an don’t forget the earlier advice ; disconnect the battery. Once the system is connected and you’re satisfied, you can reconnect the battery. There may be meed for further programming if your manual say so, otherwise you’re good to go!

 The entire process doesnot cost you alot, both in terms of time and money. The rearview backup camera kit is not very expensive, could be around $150 but is a great lifetime investment and the entire process will only take you around 30-40 minutes. In conclusion it is very easy and fairly simple to install a rear view camera on your own if you are comfortable with removing a little interior, wiring and trimming. Plus of you’re fine with drilling holes in your car, the existing channels in the car works equally fine. The camera makes you fully aware of your surrounding and helps you reverse you car without any collisons and saves you money such insurance. The damage, on the other hand, that you would face in the absence of a rear view monitor would be damage to your car, hitting someone, chances of accident amf ofcourse high insurance premiums!