How to make your Apple Mac last longer?

Is it known if the health of your Mac battery has an impact on your overall health? Because the battery dies at the most inconvenient times, it should. Think of it this way: after months of hard effort, it’s time for you to shine. It’s not too late to extend the life of your Mac’s Battery if it isn’t wholly depleted now. Even if your batteries are in perfect condition, following these suggestions will help you get more mileage.

  1. It’s time to check your Battery’s charge level:

To better understand your Mac’s battery life, it would be helpful if you could view the charge level of your Battery. The percentage shown on your menu bar will also make it easier to troubleshoot battery issues. If there will be any issue with battery you should contact with London apple mac repairs.

  1. Make sure your software is up to date:

Allowing for a little margin of error, you should begin by ensuring your operating system is current. Ensure your Mac is running the most recent version of macOS to take advantage of the latest energy-saving features. If you have any software related issue you can contact with London apple mac repairs.

  1. Manage your energy-saving options:

When it comes to surviving on a desert island, it’s a given that you’d have to restrict your resources. Macs are notoriously power-hungry, but you can quickly get them to limit their power use and avoid running out of battery life. The Energy Saver section is where you’ll find all your battery-saving options.

  1. Turn down the brightness on your screen:

If your screen is so bright that you feel like you can get a sunburn, why try lower the brightness in a few settings and get a few extra minutes out of your Battery? If you’re squinting and pressing your nose against the screen because the screen is too dark, you’ve probably gone too far.

  1. Shut down the apps that aren’t in use:

Keeping your Mac’s battery life up to snuff is essential if you plan to take it home with you. But deep down, you know your Mac isn’t doing anything illegal. Initially, it may be solely set up for your use when watching Game of Thrones. While this is a friendly illusion, you should be aware that your Mac is being overtaxed, and your Battery is being depleted due to the games it plays.

  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned off:

If you’re out and about, your Bluetooth speakers are unlikely to play loud music. You don’t have to be that person on the train. Even if you do not require Wi-Fi at this time, switching them off will provide you with a bit of improvement in battery life.

  1. Make sure your computer is up to date:

It takes more work to operate the vehicle because it is more cumbersome. When you’re used to gliding over that hill, it’s now an uphill slog that puts your car through its paces and increases fuel consumption. To put it another way, by optimizing your Mac, you will put less load on it, and, as a result, you will use less battery power.


For long-term storage, don’t fully charge or discharge your Mac’s Battery; instead, set it to roughly 50%. The Battery on your Mac may lose part of its capacity if you leave it plugged in for an extended period. When a battery is completely drained, it may enter a deep-discharge mode. If you want to get the most out of your MacBook’s Battery, keep this in mind.