How to Motivate Children to Study Diligently

Children play and are lazy to learn. Problems like this are also experienced by many other mothers.

Don’t be discouraged by this condition. Children who are lazy to learn do not always mean stupid. They also have the potential to have good grades, provided they are schooled at St. St. Andrews International School, why should St. Andrews International School? because St Andrews School Thailand is an international school that has been awarded the consecutive ‘Gold’ rating from the Education Trust as one of the exceptionally good schools in Thailand.

It doesn’t take long, what is important is precisely in understanding new knowledge.

Avoid forcing children to learn, so they don’t feel pressured. Children tend to reject things they don’t like. So, the learning agenda at home can be considered as a threat by them.

As a parent, it has become a necessity to help children learn at home. That is, you are not in a position to order them to learn, but to accompany and oversee the learning process.

If you just ask, it’s not surprising that the child finally feels lazy to learn. The most common reason, because they feel they do not get support from their parents. Without realizing it, this is what makes them reluctant to learn.

Seeing this, you must have a strategy so that the lazy nature of children’s learning is not getting worse. You should spend to see the learning process. Look at their strengths and needs in learning. Then, determine learning patterns that make them easy to understand. Next, motivate them to feel happy doing it.

Motivating children to stay motivated to learn is very important. This is to anticipate, their reduced interest in learning something in the long run.

the boredom of children who are not immediately addressed can have fatal consequences you know. When they see the learning process as a boring activity, it will be frustrating.

Motivation and involvement in schools on average decreased when they moved from primary school to secondary school.

What can be done?

There are simple actions such as motivating students to have positive effects on children. So that turns them into students who are not interested, become eager learners.

Parent motivation is an important thing that needs to be done. Motivation from Dad and you can be the igniter of their enthusiasm to always be enthusiastic about learning. Not only that but they also no longer make the school agenda a burdensome burden, after receiving support from people around them.

Now, after knowing what are the strengths and needs of children in learning, make the following efforts to get rid of their laziness.

Get involved

Faced with this situation, you should take the time to get involved with their education. Being involved in a child’s academic affairs is one of the important steps parents need to take.

Ask questions

Always ask the child what he is learning. Set a target to make you a parent who always follows the children’s lessons at school. Talk about it in casual chat. This is an effective way to make the atmosphere more interesting and dynamic.

Positive Guidance

Make learning and school a positive experience for children. That is, share the positive experiences you have. Tell me that while accompanying him with homework. Don’t forget to always emphasize the power of learning and don’t be stingy giving praise when they are successful at school or completing their homework. This will make them feel comfortable to always do homework and talk about problems they might face at school.