How to Use and make your own THC Vape Juice

Cannabis Technology the last years is moving forward very fast, Since the plant became legal there are many products in the market for every taste, Some people prefer Dab Rigs, There are also those who would prefer to vape their Cannabis instead of smoking it, then a vape pen and juice is the best option. Vape juice is a combination of water, alcohol, nicotine, and usually, some glycerin.

But there are also Vape Juices that contain THC.

If you want to have a full control on the dosing all you have to do is to buy your Vape Juice from some store that will be able to inform you about the certain qualities that the product holds and let you know the exact dose you can use. In any case you should start with small doses until you find your limits..

There are several types of THC concentrates.

Those are Liquid THC, CO2 extraction, and Tincture. Besides that, you can also use cannabis oil.

The potency of a THC infused vape juice is high, The feeling that one gets is like smoking a very strong strain of Cannabis. The euphoric characteristics depend always on the strain that was used to make the extract. It is always good to know that you should be careful and avoid using too much of it as you can feel anxiety. These kind of THC Vape Juice can be found in dispensaries located is States where Cannabis is Legal. A big advantage of a vape pen among the joints is that you don’t have to smoke all of it at once. Moreover Some people are making their own vape juice with THC.

Here’s how to make your own THC infused Vape juice.

In a small bowl,melt your wax, shatter, or hash oil. Then put the bowl in the microwave to “defrost” for a minute. Then start adding 30 drops of your VG/PG mix and stir for a minute. Let the mixture cool completely. It should be about the consistency of honey. Now pour your THC-infused vape into your vaporizer.