How to Video Bokeh on a Smartphone Using a Single Camera

Bokeh or portrait videography on smartphones is indeed very fun and has become a trend lately. Especially with dual-camera smartphones that have mushroomed. Unfortunately, bokeh or portrait videos can only be done on smartphones that have dual cameras or more. But actually, there is a way for smartphone users with a single camera to take bokeh video images.

To take bokeh videos using a single camera can be done in various ways, from easy to advanced. Starting from using Expert mode, installing additional applications, or with videography tricks with simple tools.

Move closer to object

The first way to take bokeh videos on an Android smartphone with a single camera is to get closer to the object.

By bringing the camera closer to the main object, the sensor will automatically focus on the object in front. So that the object on the back will be blurred. You also need to pay attention not to take videos with a too busy background, so that it will reduce the bokeh effect itself.

Set Manual Focus

You can also take pictures with a bokeh effect using the expert mode on your camera, especially if you are an upper-middle-class smartphone user who is still not equipped with a dual camera.

By adjusting the focus manually, you can get a sharper focus for distances with objects that are close, so that the objects on the back will be blurred.

Some of the latest video editing applications allow users to create blur more specifically, where users can specify the blur area and focus manually. For more information, please visit here video bokeh museum.

Use a Bokeh Background

The last way you can use to get a bokeh effect is to use a bokeh background. How to? Namely by using Video with a bokeh display that is placed behind the object you want to video.

For example, like what we do below, which is hitting the Video object behind the laptop screen with a bokeh background image. Thus you can get bokeh videos with very maximum results. You can of course also use a variety of backgrounds at will.