Indispensable Tools to Help Your Team Work From Home

Supporting a team that’s working from home requires supervisors to organize a lot of moving pieces, and making the transition from having your team in the office to having them work remotely involves some important logistical considerations. Here are some important tools that can help you facilitate a smooth transition and support your team’s productivity.

Use Voice Over IP Phone Service

Managing phone numbers and extensions can be tricky when people are working from home. Simply trying to forward calls can be challenging because it can disrupt important features such as caller ID or voicemail settings. Making the switch to VoIP can be the easiest way to give uniform phone service features to a remote workforce, and it will save you from having to pay for a lot of individual phone lines that you don’t really need.

Utilize Project Management Software

Team efforts that require continual collaboration are particularly susceptible to be thrown off track by a transition to working from home. Erratic communication can lead to confusion about responsibilities and progress. Using project management software is a great way to foster uniform communication. Creating a single source for collaboration will make it easier for your team to collaborate, and it will make supervising a project significantly easier for a manager.  

Offer Stipends for Enhanced Internet Speed

Employees working remotely could be hindered by the limitations of their individual internet connections. Slow communication with the programs that they use to perform tasks can take minutes out of productivity out of every day that could add up to hours over the course of a month or even just a week. Help everyone boost their internet speed by picking up the difference in cost.

The right technological tools can help you build a strong infrastructure to support a remote workforce. Give them the resources that they need, get feedback, and stay connected so that your team can continue to thrive.