Learn to Love Literature

It’s often been lamented how little time the average person spends with a good book than before. In fact, lots of people would like to read more, but fear wasting their limited free time on something they might not enjoy. However, the sheer number of available books guarantees there will be something for anyone to appreciate.


Thrillers are designed to be exciting reading. If you’re a fan of fast-paced action, suspense and plot twists, then give thrillers a try.

Thrillers are more about atmosphere than anything else. The thriller category covers everything from detective and spy stories to legal thrillers and countless crossovers with other styles. James Patterson is currently the most popular and prolific craftsman of thrillers, having written over 250 books in several series.


Sometimes, it’s fun to be scared. A well-told horror story can keep you up all night reading, and the next several nights from fright. Bestsellers by Stephen King or the classics of H. P. Lovecraft have shocked and terrified readers for a long time. Just remember, the real horror is in your head.

Science Fiction

At its core, science fiction envisions the endless possibilities for humanity’s future. Several inventions we know today were actually first described in sci-fi stories by authors who worked on the cutting edge of science in their time. Bill Copeland writing focuses on human survival beyond the bounds of Earth and explores the secrets of the universe.  Mr. Copeland’s own background and work with NASA enables him to reflect realistic scientific details in his fiction.


If you’d rather read about reality over fantastic stories, you’re not limited to academic papers. Books have been produced on practically any imaginable subject in factual but no less interesting ways.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about a famous person, their biography may have already been written. The same holds true for famous historical events and infamous true crimes. The work of travel writers allows you to visit the world’s most exotic locales without leaving home. If you wish to expand your mind on any given field from philosophy to astronomy, expert writers make complex concepts accessible to a general audience, as exemplified by the late Carl Sagan.

These are only a few examples of the many genres of writing out there for your entertainment. You just need to find your niche. Like any new pursuit, the hardest part is getting started. Your local librarian or bookstore clerk will gladly give you recommendations.