Let’s Find Out The Types Of This Hotel Before Booking

Often confused with the different types of hotels? Especially when you want to book a hotel room, and come up with some choices that feel unfamiliar.

For those who are used to holidays, maybe you already understand the different types of hotels there are. However, for some people, of course, there are still those who do not understand and are familiar, right?

Well, how about we discuss some types of hotels that you normally hear or read, like resorts, bungalows, cottages, and a few others? If so, just immediately refer to the following reviews:

The resort

The resort

You will find resorts more often in natural attractions such as Patong beach. Standing on the vast land, you can see resorts that have buildings like hotels. However, the resort is designed to prioritize recreational facilities for guests.

So, you will see complete facilities such as various selection swimming pools, spa, and playground. You will also be served with the cool Sea View Hotel Patong from around Patong Beach.


The first types of hotel are cottages. You must have heard the name Cottage often, right? Especially in beach resorts or recreational parks. However, you already know the meaning and difference between the cottages and another lodging?

So, cottages are lodging lodges that are almost similar to villas. Usually, it is located in the coastal or mountainous areas and becomes accommodation for families. The building is different from hotels in general because it is made separately.

If you travel to mountainous areas or beaches, cottages will be very easy for you to find as available accommodations.


The bungalows also have similarities with cottages. So many tourists have a little difficulty distinguishing between bungalows with cottages. In appearance, the Bungalow also has a concept of a house or cottage with wood material.

Usually found in the tourist environment that shows nature such as mountains, and away from the crowd. Staying at the Bungalow is perfect for your vacation with a big family or office events.

Guest House

The next types of hotel are the Guest House. Do Buddy tickets want to stay at the hotel, with the feeling like being at home? Then this Guest House will be the right choice for you.

Guest House itself is an inn that usually uses buildings like houses in general. With available facilities such as rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, you can move like you are at home.

Choosing a Guest House as your accommodation is perfect if you are traveling with several friends, and want to save more on costs.