Let’s Prepare a Festive Party

Of course, it would be very nice to have a fancy party in a restaurant or in a hotel. But did you know that having a party at home can be more fun, especially with the presence of family and friends? The best part of partying at home is deciding on food menus and ideas for arranging tables and decorating the room – imagining the expression of surprise and happy guests. Therefore, we will share brilliant ideas to make your home party more perfect and festive.

Three Important Things for Preparing a Festive Party:


If this party aims to establish intimacy with guests, it helps you determine the theme and become a facilitator for the event. Do not worry, maybe you can try a theme with the same color decoration, and use it on the color of napkins, tablecloths, even drinks that will be served. The key is to choose a different decoration color from your daily life. This will give a unique and interesting impression so that it can help your guests to mingle with others.


Try to clean and set the table the day before the party. Then, also prepare food ingredients that will be served at the party. Careful preparation will prevent you from inconvenience during the party, so you have more time to interact with the guests. We suggest that if you serve food with sauce, use a large saucepan placed on the table and invite your guests to come and eat it. It aims to create a relaxed atmosphere for the guests present. The most important thing is to prepare all the needs of the party the day before so that the party goes perfectly without making you bother.


Guess what the guests want at a party? Of course, delicious food! Choosing the right menu is a difficult thing. But if you successfully do it, guaranteed this will provide an unforgettable experience for you as a host.

Before guests arrive, place various kinds of food on large plates to display the impression of abundant food. Then, serve hot food while still warm and cold food while still fresh. Our recommendation is to serve these dishes in a course style menu.

Start with an appetizer then continue with the soup. If you have seen bowls and dishes that have been empty, you can start serving the main food, which is meat with a side dish of vegetables. Next, serve dessert with coffee and tea as a compliment.

And the most important thing is to enjoy the party and entertain all your guests as best as possible. Don’t worry if there are a few flaws – this can be a memory that can be laughed at together. Be sure to serve a delicious meal, because this will please the guests.