List of Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

In the words of the best minds associated with essay writing services in the US, penning a flawless essay can be a tedious and time-consuming affair. On top of that, brainstorming intriguing topics for an essay can be even more baffling. 

Know the first step about writing essays that score high is mainly choosing a unique and engaging topic. One needs to turn on their creative thinking and search for fresh perspectives to come up with a unique topic. It is also crucial to select something that interests you, something you know and care about, and something you can explore in its full potential in your specified word limit. 

Seems a lot to digest, isn’t it? No need to worry. To aid you, in today’s comprehensive post, we will walk you through a list of interesting and engaging freeessay topic that will enable you to nail your papers like never before. This is just a sneak peek. If you want to gain access to more interesting topics, then you can always fall back on the best essay help services in the USA, like Allessaywriter. 

Let’s get started! 

Awesome Topics and Ideas for Top-Notch Essays 

  • Argumentative Essay Topics 
  1. Do you think students should be permitted to curate their curriculum for high school? 
  2. Do you think social media is the true cause of teenage depression? 
  3. Present your views on why girls should be inspired to participate in sports. 
  4. Explain why it should be illegal to manufacture and sell tobacco
  5. Do you think it is essential for fathers to get equal paternity leave? 
  • Narrative Topics on Essay Writing 
  1.  Describe how your one week will be without the internet and technology 
  2. Explore the effect of your first love on your life 
  3. Describe the time you encountered rejection 
  4. Write about the time when you took a stand against your parents 
  5. Describe the day when you fought procrastination 
  • Persuasive Essay Topics Writing Themes 
  1.  Present your views on why energy drinks must be restricted in schools and universities. 
  2. Explore why gambling should be prohibited in the US 
  3. Do you think it is ethical to use animals in a circus? 
  4. Do you think sex education should be compulsory in high schools? 
  5. Present your views on why violent video games must be prohibited. 
  • Descriptive Essay Topic Writing Ideas 
  1. Write about the person who is responsible for bringing a huge difference in your life. 
  2. Write about the most amazing piece of art you have ever seen 
  3. Write about an experience that changed your life forever 
  4. Describe your idea of a perfect summer day 
  5. Write about a renowned book series that hugely disappointed you 
  • Expository Essay Topics 
  1. Explore the ways pets can make you happy and enhance your life quality 
  2. Describe the thin line between being obese and overweight 
  3. Discuss the impacts of having alcoholic drinks on a school campus 
  4. Discuss certain unconventional methods of relieving stress 
  5. Explore certain major stress factors in the life of a teenager 
  • Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 
  1. Present a comparative analysis between introverts and extroverts 
  2. Present a comparative analysis between traditional helicopters and life-size drones 
  3. Do you prefer the idea of being popular in high school or alone? 
  4. Discuss the similarities and differences between Greek and Roman methodologies. 
  5. Present a comparative analysis between the benefits of drinking tea and coffee.  

If you are still typing on search engines ‘how to write essays that score high’ or ‘I need topics for my essay’, go through this post diligently. You can pick a topic that piques your interest or model your topic around the similar ones we have provided to turn in a flawless essay. Good luck!