Make yourself star with Spotify plays!

Spotify. What do you know about him? This is a music streaming service that has opened up the opportunity for people around the world to listen to music freely. Easy and simple. Before it, you had to buy tracks, and now it`s only a subscription. Every day, over 100 million people listen to music via Spotify. And the service’s media library has a whopping 30 million songs and continues to grow. Are you curious how Spotify can help your career in the music industry and unleash your creativity? The key to success is promoting your music, and in particular you need to buy Spotify plays. Why exactly this way of promoting, we will explain now.

First, you need to figure out what features the service provides to the user. The undoubted advantage is cross-platform listening. Cross-platform listening is when you can start listening to a track on your phone, and continue from the laptop from the same place. This feature is available due to the fact that the Spotify application can be installed on almost anything, whether it is a phone, TV, or even Tesla. The main thing is the availability of Internet access. This sets Spotify apart from other music services. And how much good words can be said about the work of the recommendation system. Almost impossible to find such a streamlined and transparent system of recommendations. Thanks to it, even the most demanding user will never get bored, because mixes and playlists are created simply magically. And there is definitely a place for you in these mixes.

Surely you know that there are paid and free subscriptions. Does it make a difference for you as an artist not to buy or to buy Spotify plays? There is a difference at the system level, and it affects the algorithms of the program. Most likely, the difference will not be noticeable immediately, because the popularity of the track among different subscribers is evaluated differently. After all, free users have certain restrictions that significantly affect the use of the service. The basis of the audience is free users. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this fact when you decide to buy Spotify plays.

Should I talk about the advantages of a large number of plays on your track? Sure no. Popularity in the network eventually carries concerts, performances and an autograph sessions in real life. But this is all in the future, you just need to start. Everything will surely work out for you. Write music, upload to Spotify and it will be a hit.