Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions from Creative Folks IT company, has released an application that aims to help users work more smoothly with digital assets that function to improve business automation.

The software can be used to join the Digital Asset Management solution package along with tablet, desktop, on-premise and cloud solutions, set to bring enterprise-level digital asset management solutions. This will make it easier for anyone to manage digital assets.

Why Use the DAM Application?

The Creative Folks IT mobile app, which is targeted at companies engaged in archiving, finding assets, misuse of copyrighted material, to make managing digital assets easy. This is useful and offers convenience by giving you new and easier ways to manage your assets.

Having all digital assets such as digital notes, pictures, photos, files, important documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more will reduce the time spent managing digital assets by bringing users closer to marketing material through their hardware.

The aim is to follow how quickly the user consumes content. Content needs to be published quickly. It is very important for companies to collaborate on projects. With this application, this allows users to have easier access to all their digital files. Whenever they want.

Benefits of Using DAM Applications from Creative Folks IT

In addition to providing teams with better ways to collaborate on projects, this DAM application also helps users do other things such as finding assets, receiving assets and sharing assets.

Creative Folks IT Software Company is one of the recognized in the field of software making software. The company has set itself the goal of excelling in providing publishers, big brand owners, and agents with solutions that will enable large teams to work efficiently in the creative process, through a system that is easily managed.