Most Popular Mobile App Categories Created Developers in the World

It is undeniable indeed the growth of the mobile industry is really awesome, from year to year continue to experience a significant increase. Based on a report from We Are Social in January 2016, currently, there are more than 3.790 billion unique mobile users, 51{c76202d61ecdb9c7806efa5f9fca490efe7ab9534e6bcc1f20dccd8079e450f8} of the total world population, 7.395 billion. A fantastic figure is not it? How come? With a massive invasion of cheap smartphones from China, now everyone can even have a sophisticated smartphone just by spending $80 only. As a result, not only digital native just using a smartphone, people from the older generation who in previous years have not been familiar with technology has now started to be familiar with smartphones (digital immigrants).

Here is the growing use of mobile internet data in the world from year to year continues to increase:

How about in The world?

World also exists in a promising position. Indonesia is ranked 16th as the world’s largest mobile device user in the world, with statistical data: With the potential in such a way, not to mention with the demographic bonus of Indonesia, no wonder our country is one of the countries that is enough to be calculated by the world. Fortunately, the potential for us to become a market in the mobile applications industry, not only make us become consumers only, many also Karta-our local developers work that quality and give color in the technology industry in Indonesia. To support it, Google even promised to support Indonesia to give birth to 100,000 Android developers in 2020.

The Most Popular Mobile App Category in The world

Looking at the mobile industry market in Indonesia may make you see opportunities here and there, even make you interested to become a mobile developer. But maybe you are curious what the apps are most often made by developers in Indonesia. Here is Code to get the data of the most popular mobile app category created by the Indonesian developer from a survey conducted by Developer Economics. Here’s the graph:


With a population and demographic bonus, Indonesia has great potential in the mobile industry. Moreover, little by little the Indonesian market began to be educated, as evidenced by the number of digital immigrants that continue to increase from year to year.