Reasons your website might not be ranking in 2022 despite the efforts!

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When we talk of revenue and growth in the present date, rarely do we miss “websites”. It is something that opens up a gateway between customers roaming online and the business. And for this very reason, almost everyone tries to have a good online presence. And why not? There are 4.66 billion people who use the internet at the present date. But not all those who try to rank higher in SERP get ranked higher. Why? Because it takes skills, efforts, backlink service (USA), investment, and patience. People fail to get more information about, PerfectLinkBuilding says, how the internet works and what sacrifices it requires.

This is the reason that over 90% of all web pages do not get single organic traffic.

So, what could be the reasons that your website fails to rank even despite your efforts?

Reasons that your website is not ranking despite effort put in!

When we talk of ranking, we talk of a hell lot of business growth and revenue. Consider Google like a big brain that is guiding people towards what they are looking for. For example, if there are people looking for a backlink service USA, then Google will look into its big directory and see who are providing quality backlink services, and then provide the links of top services on the first SERP. It means all those who have been recommended by Google can now grab thousands of customers. This is why people try hard to get ranked on Google and other search engines. But it just does not work. Why?

Google takes hundreds of ranking factors while deciding which website to recommend on the SERP and which to not. For a novice or amateur, it becomes too troublesome to handle all these factors. Thus, despite all their efforts, there still could remain a thing holding back the ranking hard. Here are all the possible reasons that could be stopping your website from getting ranked!

You have spam websites linking to your website!

In the early years of the internet, people got the air running that the more the links the better the ranking. And they were somehow true too. The Google algorithms were naive back then and people were able to trick them. But now links are assessed using many factors like DA, PA, web design, niche, HTTPS, etc. Now, if you have spam websites linking to you, your website will likely suffer from it.

But you might be thinking that you have not bought any spam links for your website. Well there still could be two ways you have unknowingly got spam backlinks –

  • Your competitors might have bought spam links in bulk and then directed them to your website in an attempt to push you down. This is called Negative SEO and is used by competitors. The way out is to use Google Disavow Tool to get rid of all these parasites.
  • You might have bought backlinks in bulk at cheap prices. All they do is sell spam backlinks to you. For example, if you see a website selling you 30 high quality backlinks at 10$, shut down the screen of your device and sleep.

Always look for quality backlink service in USA or anywhere around you.

Your website is fairly new and has not been indexed!

Millions of pages get created every day and every day GoogleBot crawls down these pages. It means that it searches the internet for new web pages and then registers them in the directory. But not every page gets into the sight of GoogleBot. For example, if your website is fairly large and has lots of pages, it might miss the new URLs. Another example is when a website is very new. GoogleBot fails to crawl newly created website and thus does not index it.

If you have a new website, you need to manually submit a Sitemap of your website. There are instructions given by Google in its blog about how to do it.

Your website has got some Google penalties!

Google has some rules and guidelines that it believes are required to keep the internet a sane and safe place to surf. Now, these guidelines are many and can easily be missed. This is the reason that companies invest in SEO and backlink service (USA).

When Google finds out that a website is not following proper guidelines and is using BlackHat tactics, it will send penalties to that website. When these penalties grow, it leads to a permanent ban from getting indexed. This is why we say to keep checking for the penalties to avoid any fall in SERP ranking. To check your penalties, you need to go to Google Search Console.

A new Google Update has just come!

It would not be bad to call Google as someone who keeps on changing again and again. It releases some 300-400 big and small updates each year. This means a lot of things to catch up on. It becomes hard for a newbie to know these technicalities and then adapt accordingly. If your website has seen a sudden drop in its ranking, it is time to check if Google has released any update that is affecting websites around.

You are using wrong anchor texts for backlinks!

Anchor texts are the texts for which other websites create a backlink for your own. For example, if you are reading an article about backlinks and their uses, and see a phrase in the middle of a paragraph like ‘backlink service USA’ that has a hyperlink to it and is sending you to another website about backlinks, then this hyperlinked phrase is the anchor text. It usually stays in blue color.

The use of anchor text is to suggest to Google and other search engines the context of the website it is linking to. If you are getting backlinks for all the wrong and irrelevant anchor texts, your website won’t rank.

here are a few tips about how to have anchor texts that convert –

  • Write for websites that are in your own niche.
  • Do a deep keyword research to know what the public is looking for.
  • Do not just put a link unnecessarily. A link must be placed to help users reach another better place. When placing an anchor text with a link, make sure that it is to help users. This will result in a good conversion rate.
  • Make sure that the text or media surrounding your anchor text is relevant to that anchor text.

What to do in case your website ranking falls?

The first step will always be to look for where the issues are at. If your building is shaking due to the earthquake, there is no point blaming the noisy generator and getting it removed. You need to look for the reasons why your website ranking has fallen. It is quite tough to excel at it because it requires skills and tools. You may check for the penalties, and they will suggest you too, but they alone will not help.

The best way is to hire SEO experts and ask them for some help. When hiring a backlink service (USA) make sure you are hiring the experts and not a scammer selling bulk links at a very cheap price. PerfectLinkBuilding is one such name that provides all the expert digital services that a company might ever need under one roof. Click here to get more information about PerfectLinkBuilding.

Furthermore, make sure that you do a regular website audit to prevent your website from a sudden shock. Nourishing a website is like nourishing an infant: it requires care, effort, and money.