Remember Death by visiting the Grave Pilgrimage

Funerals are often seen as limited to a place to bury a body. In fact, death must always be remembered as a time that is definitely coming, for that should be taken seriously. Death is terrible. Therefore, you should look for funeral services that are truly qualified like the funeral director in Sydney for the funeral of your family and people closest to you.

Many do not yet know that making graves and burials has procedures and rules contained in burial conditions. The funeral sharia is intended to honor the body as he lived. Even though they have died, the remains are still human beings who have noble degrees so that the bodies must be treated as when they were still alive.

Among the funeral conditions are not to be exalted, not allowed to be decorated, not to be stepped on, occupied or even trampled upon.

The nature of funerals in general, there are two, namely burying the body with respect and helping people who are still alive to remember death. There is an educational meaning behind a funeral procession.

Grave pilgrimage is expected to make pilgrims shed tears so that the heart becomes soft. By visiting the grave, it is hoped that the families left will be patient and feel sufficient, and more grateful. In addition, of course, it is expected to increase the fear of God. Grave pilgrimage is expected to commemorate the services of people who have been buried.

However, unfortunately, the burial conditions in various cities that are increasingly pressured by population density make the tombs coincide with each other, so pilgrims are forced to step over the tomb and even step on the tomb because it is not free to move. Narrow burial conditions make pilgrims uncomfortable visiting.

For this reason, a funeral must be made with a serene garden concept, so that pilgrims can reverently remember death. Besides that, a clean, beautiful and neatly arranged environment is a representation that is full of simplicity and holiness.

Besides that, it needs to be emphasized that the people should also not be excessive in building the tomb, so as not to get caught up in the behavior of spending money on things that are not useful, and excessive behavior. You also need to find a permanent burial ground so that you are not complicated with care for all time so that the family is not confused anymore with monthly fees.