SD-WAN Network Solution for All Your Business

Entering the New Normal period, company services including the automotive industry began to shift via online services. No exception in company operations in offices and manufacturing.

This is a challenge for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in providing solutions for speed and data security.

As an ITC company, Teldat also collaborates with many cybersecurity product companies around the world, in the SD-WAN security system.

SD-WAN technology is currently trending in various industrial sectors. Where Teldat SD-WAN Solution has implemented its network as a basic aspect of the solution. Currently, there are many Teldat SD-WAN Solution networks with excellent security systems that can help customers get the latest, fast, and reliable SD-WAN solutions, and protect internal infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Using Teldat SD-WAN network products allows customers to implement cost efficiency strategies, which of course can reduce company expenses.

Teldat will continue to innovate and is fully committed to helping advance industrial development. Especially in difficult times due to the pandemic and the transition to the New Normal, Teldat is ready to help all industries and support the government in restoring the economy.

The SD-WAN solution uses both broadband internet and 4G LTE where the two connectivity functions provide an active-active solution, thereby reducing the risk of downtime.

Moreover, in a competitive industry, there is no compromise that businesses must accept situations that are less supportive of maximizing operational efficiency and lowering costs to meet consumer demand for quality experiences.

In addition to this solution being able to increase internet bandwidth capacity, the infrastructure built also provides well-protected connectivity from outlets to data centers with automated and scalable VPN solutions to outlets even in remote areas and is supported by AES encryption which ensures data privacy.