Spring Startup for Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

It is ideal to have an air diffuser aeration system running year-round in your lake or pond. With an adequate aeration system that runs all year long, you can reduce the risk of winter fish kills due to turnover.

Decorative aeration systems that are disconnected during the winter for recreational purposes should be restarted as soon as the ice melts. To avoid quick turnover in your pond, do a slow system startup like you did when it was first installed.

Follow these steps In addition to a gradual startup:

1.      Re-level the Cabinet:

 Re-install the cabinet and system back on level ground.

2.      Change the Air Filter:

 The air filter stops debris from entering the compressor and require cleaning periodically to remove light debris. For the best system performance and longevity, replace the filter every three to six months.

3.      Check and Clean Side Intake Air Filters:

 Inspect the cabinets side air filters to ensure they are clean and unobstructed.

4.      Ensure Cabinet Fan Works:

 Test the cabinet fan to make sure it is working correctly so that fresh air can tunnel evenly through the cabinet.

5.      Clean or Replace Membrane Diffuser Sticks:

 Membrane diffuser sticks introduce air bubbles into the water. Though they are pretty much maintenance-free, they should be cleaned or replaced before being turned on for the season.

6.      Airlines Cleared:

 Check your airlines for ice buildup if the water is still icy. If the airlines need to be cleared, pour a cup of isopropyl alcohol through the airline running out to each plate. Then, turn on the compressor, and it will push through the line freeing any miniature icebergs.

7.      Start the Compressor – Gradually:

 To avoid making your pond into shock, follow the aeration system’s seven-day startup procedure. On the first day, run the system for 30 minutes and turn it off for the remainder of the day. On each day following, double the amount of running time. On the second day, run it for one hour, two hours on day three, four hours on day four, and so on. On day seven, you may begin running the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

8.      Pressure Check:

 Once you have your aeration system up and running, ensure that the pressure gauge keeps within a normal range of 5 to 10 psi. A helpful tip: mark the gauge during the initial startup and check it regularly to see whether the pressure has significantly risen above or dropped below the initial reading. Installing a maintenance kit every six to twelve months is also recommended. If your compressor’s airflow production is beginning to slow, you may need to perform some additional maintenance.

To ensure your aeration provides your pond with all the benefits it has to offer, follow these simple steps. With an adequate, well-maintained aeration system, you can enjoy a healthy pond all year long.