Sturdy and durable, these 5 best materials for garage floor

Choosing a material for the garage floor should not be rash. Because the garage area is open can be exposed to rain. If you choose the wrong material, the floor may be slippery when exposed to water and even harm a family member.

For this reason, it is important to choose a safe floor type in all weather conditions. The important requirements that must exist in this type of floor material are as follows:

• Have resistance to heavy loads

• Resistant to friction

The above requirements can be found in materials made of stone floor tiles, ceramics, cement plaster, and many more. Let’s see the full review!

Material recommendation for garage floor:

1. Natural Stone

Natural stone is widely used for various needs both inside and outside the house. Also, it turns out that one stone is also very commonly used as material from the garage floor.

The type of natural stone that is often used is andesite. Because the color is dark, the stone can disguise stains on the floor area.

If you choose the material of this one, do not forget to coat it regularly with a liquid coating so that it is not easily attacked mushrooms and moss.

2. Cement print and coral brush

This material is a combination of sand, cement, and small corals. The thickness of the printed cement floor can be adjusted from 3 cm to 5 cm, according to taste.

To print it, you can use a cast and then install it in the area you want.

3. Paving Block

If a concrete beam mold has a hole in the middle, it differs from this type of concrete mold. This Paving block has an appearance that tends to be hollow or dense.

Here’s an easy way to install paving:

• Clean the area to be converted from wild plants and garbage.

• Flatten ground surface.

• Use the soil divitor if necessary, so that the soil can be flat.

• Attach the paving according to the pattern before the sand becomes dense.

• Compress the paving by tapping it with a hammer or a vibrator.

• Fill the gap between paving and sand so that each paving is intertwined.

• Clean the sand that does not enter the gap above the paving surface.

4. Ceramic

Ceramics are usually used at home. However, you can use this material as a garage floor if you want to bring a more colorful or patterned garage.

However, make sure you still choose a ceramic with a not slippery texture. With the freedom to choose a color or pattern, you can choose your ceramic type that suits your tastes.

Those are some of the best types of materials that can be used as garage floors. Which is the best material for the garage floor of your choice?