Technology and Nursing Dissertations

Selection of a topic for your nursing dissertation is among the toughest moments that students find themselves in while at the university. You have to get a dissertation topic that will enable you to showcase your academic strengths, impress your future employer and definitely help you perform well at the university. Due to advancement in technology, nursing students are advised to select nursing dissertation topics that incorporate the use of technology in service delivery. This is because, technology is, today, being used in all spheres of life. No profession can evade the use of technology. Artificial intelligence has proven to be efficient and cheap for any industry.

Ways in Which Technology Has Influenced Nursing

Technology has helped nurses in educating patients. Bearing in mind that nurses are responsible for informing patients, technology has eased the process of learning. Most importantly, technology has facilitated long-distance learning. In addition, nurses are now able to attend essential trainings and conferences through teleconferencing.

Technology has streamlined information delivery. Data can now be shared amongst the appropriate providers efficiently and smoothly. Data and patterns can now be presented using scatterplots and bar graphs.

The electronic health records have improved healthcare delivery. Nurses can now easily document and retrieve a patient’s data whenever it is required and on time. While security is a concern, technology such as cryptocurrency and block chain have eased the privacy concerns.

Another interesting technological invention is the Telehealth. From the comfort of their sofas at home, patients today can access the nurse concierges and get urgent concerns addressed. The telehealth technology helps patients log critical data essential for review by nurses during emergencies.

Also, the invention of the smart pumps has made the administration of medication more efficient. Nurses don’t have to go round checking the intravenous records for administration of medicines in a ward. Thanks to technology, nurses can now set up the correct rates and alarms. In a nutshell, technology has helped in minimizing errors experienced in the past during administration of medicine.

Wireless communication has facilitated the communication between a nurse and a doctor. Unlike the past when nurses had to page a doctor. Lab results can now be accessed online.

The invention of smart beds has helped nurses in tracking the movement of patients, and checking on the weight of the patients.

Smart beds have proven to be essential and comfy to patients who have a long stay at the hospital. Smart beds have minimized the number of patient falls and injuries associated with patient falls.

With smart beds, nurses can monitor all the patients and provide them with updates regarding the welfare of their patients. Nurses spend minimal time coming to adjust supplies since they can regulate everything using the smart bed. Hence, smart beds are essential for the safety of the patients.

In addition, we have mobile apps and wearable devices that help in tracking sleep patterns, heart rates, respiration, hence helping patients take their own hands. The smartphone stethoscope, mostly used in iphones, helps nurses and doctors use their phones to get the heart rates as well as the breathing sounds of their patients. The use of phones in diagnosis is more efficient and less intimidating especially when dealing with kids. With the access to big data, the wearable devices are set to revolutionalize the healthcare industry.

Therefore, whether you want a Pediatric Nursing Dissertation topic, a mental health nursing dissertation topic, or an adult nursing dissertation topic, always incorporate the use of technology in your research.

Selecting a Nursing Dissertation topic related to technology is a plus because of the following reasons:

  1. Integration of technology in your studies brings the picture of a student who is flexible for changes in the business environment.
  2. Inclusion of Technology in your nursing dissertation will make your research process easier and more efficient.
  3. Examiners award highly when they notice that a student is all-round. Take advantage of that fact.
  4. Inclusion of technology in your dissertation will make you a preferable candidate during interviews. You will be considered, and have higher chances of getting a job with your future employer.