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The Importance of Life-of-Mines Plan

Mine planning for the life of a mine is crucial to understanding what needs to be done in a certain time frame to benefit from the extraction of resources. With mine planning that supports the life-of-mine plan (LMP) mistakes can be avoided and the process is streamlined. Here are a few things that make a watertight LMP crucial to any successful project:

Completed on Schedule

The life of a mine is the time it will take to complete the extraction approved by geological analysis. Or, in laymeUpload Filesn’s term, how long the mine intends to be operational in order to extract the materials the mine was built to retrieve in the first place. Mine planning allows for the process to be streamlined to ensure the project can be successfully completed within the lifespan of the mine.

Mine planning as a means of making the most of the time available to keep the mine on schedule is essential and often provided by mining consultancy services. Mining consultants will assist by:

  • Improving management of operating systems
    • Optimising plant feed
    • Increasing productivity
    • Reducing total haul distances
    • Optimising mining waste plan
    • Improving utilisation of available equipment

The mine plan serves to make the mine more time efficient, making sure you complete tasks within schedule and extract what needs extracting within the life of the mine. For the maximum output in the least amount of time mining consultancy services will optimise mine operations with a watertight LMP.

Completed within Budget

Productivity improvements are an efficient way to make sure your project remains within the parameters of the budget. It must just be certain that streamlining steps which may allow the project to stay in schedule and complete tasks faster do not eat into the budget. It is not helpful to complete a project in half the time but spend twice as much. Mining consultants can help you strike this fine balance.

If you have made use of a mining consultancy service before opening the mine it is likely that the mine-site financial planners will already have a firm budget in place. It is your job, along with the mine planning consultant, to ensure this is followed and not exceeded.

The beauty of the efficiency of a life-of-mine plan is that by optimising the way tasks are completed and planning everything carefully, costly and time consuming mistakes are avoided. Make use of quality mining consultancy services to be sure your project is completed to the letter of your plan.